Super Star Pinkbean

So I am going to go all in on this new class…Well given that the rules are not fully the same…I think I will get the Pinkbean transformation potion at level 70 not 100…Or I don’t know what but I am going to get in on this.


I am going to have a series of videos for this event till I get the box

The sad thing is…As I made the Princess1una sleeping part talking about Pink beans even I had to noticed that…I GOT A LOT OF PINK BEAN STUFF!
I have….
A perm Pinkbean pet
Perm set of Pinkbean gear…My mini bean wont work on my Angelic Buster for some reason….
A Pinkbean hat and Chaos Pinkbean overall and a Chaos Pinkbean hat
Pink bean mount
2 Pink bean chairs…one you sit on the head and one you sit on the leg
Pink bean soul as a summon
Mini bean monster to call out

Now given that I see the damage skin is now 150 not 120 like in KMS…..I may pass on that…

But once I get that box with the perm. Pink bean potion I can make my char turn into a Pinkbean at will

Leveling up this class will not be hard from what the skills look like…Sure getting meso will be tricky due to no funding and another thing I gotta aware of is….A LOT OF MAPS WILL BE TAKEN!….So I gotta get crafty!
I am going to have to use some mini dungeons and go on some maps people rarely go on and….Well do what I do when I get a char to level 70….I’m sure this will not be that bad because there is a MESS of things happening too.

The OZ tower is going to be adjusted thank god!

More rewards for fighting elite bosses so this means I’m going to be at the Haven more than I normally am.

Tons of other events I may not care less about due to my level and gear I have no need for….

So I better get this Pink bean prize box asap to get back on my Angelic Buster.

Also preparing for this event I got my buster to 50.00% since I already hit level 213

Also at some point before that I got a ring I saved up 2000 fire power coins with


I put it on a finger with a ring I could spare and man did my critical hit rate go up,
Using my final Contract skill shoots it to 100% and mix the terms and conditions skill I see monsters and bosses drop faster woot!

Oh and given that I am level 213 and seeing how Khaini’s top Angelic Busters has been frozen on the rankings for a WHILE I ended up forcing my way pass the only 212 and a few 211 and a good amount of 210 busters….I don’t like getting big headed but for Khaini at lease..I am the highest level AB IN MY WORLD! REP’PING THE PURPLE K!….

If that not amazing enough…Khaini has been merged with Bora….This means I share the a world with the highest level AB in GMS and I am the highest in my world….What would happen if we was to meet?….

….Know what….WE DID!


DevaBuster was afk when I gave my early congrats but few mins later I got to speak with Deva and was amazed to see another AB playing….Sadly I was in route to do a few task in Haven so I had to decline on a hard magnus run with Deva and a few others….Deva go for the top! Reach 250! I will make my stand one day and with our worlds fused I will be the Top AB for Khaini

Once the PB thing is over for me I am going to aim for level 214 to push forward.

But for now its Pink bean time

Me as a bean


About Princess1una

I am an indie game developer and web animator doing all I can to make a living out of what I love to do.

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