What I been up to lately

My blog has been very quite lately but I want to update you all on what I been up too.

Let’s break it down to sections…


In short..Still playing and in Youtube and Facebook a lot of my updates have been popping up…..Let’s see…


I gotten my Pinkbean to level 100+ and kind of stop there

I made a playlist of 14 episodes of things that happen from getting killed for the 1st time seeing what a Pinkbean does
when you die to fast grinding and the cutest of noises and fun boss battles

I came, I saw, I Pinkbeaned….Moving on

Leveling up:
I reached level 214 and seeing how the AngelicBusters in my server have stop leveling up in my range…I am still the highest level in my world….A lot of pressure and cool at the same time

Also I recently hit 40%+ due to the many 2x events….This is an old snapshot but I did go beyond 30%

The point is…I am still getting my exp…Mostly on the weekends but I still log in to do my daily stuff

Speaking of daily stuff…That egg…This event I had to give 100 feathers a day and at 1st I was like
ARGH!….But thank god I did it…

Here is the start

I have to add this event because I showed some chairs I got in this event in this video also

The final results

A REAL final results that came out of nowhere

I also been uploading a lot of Elite boss videos and trying out some runes and tons of snapshots of me in giant mode…..

Oh I also found one of those rare items needed to get a coin for those 160 gear….These feel as rare as Hilla’s pet box

Oh and if you ever wanted to know what is on that body pillow Girly Pinkbean is hiding….
Well here you go

There you go….Lotus love pillow and White Mage shirt…..Wow……
Also this class has a cute voice when attacking and doing skills

TalesRunner (When I sometimes log in for….stuff)

Checking out some newer tracks and doing time trails

Racing a guy online for a LONG TIME

Getting Pirate gear…Thank god my year long cash shop stuff expired

I still pop in and out of TalesRunner but I am not THAT active but I do still play.


Game Making

I am STILL working on this game

While this game is almost done I am going to be making smaller games for both Newgrounds and GameJolt and now that I got Fusion 2.5 free version that allows you to save games as HTML5….Kind of like how Unity allows you to make Unity player and Android I can now build some HTML5 stuff…I can upload that format to Newgrounds also but I’ll still use the Newgrounds GameFactory for flash games but HTML5 games will be on the way.

I also made a puzzle battle game…I plan to make a bigger game with this system

Mobile Gaming
Oooooookay this has been an odd trip..I dont hate it and I dont do it as a main way of gaming but I have embraced having games on my phone and there have been times I grab my phone like my glasses like an part of my outfit and life rutine so the games I play DO help in odd times when I don’t take my New 3DS XL

Street fighter Puzzle Spirits….I love it but was getting REALLY BORED….I deiced to pretend that the sever check was the game no longer being region lock like what I assumed before when I stopped…Not sure why I came back but this time DarkStalkers are added and the tool Kamcord was added in the game and I was able to make some cool videos

I kind of got back into the Puzzle and Dragon spirit after leaving Street fighter Puzzle Spirit with a game that would soon end and…well…Here is a slide show

This game was fun too….

I been back to my normal games and some online games but I am going to just stick to Puzzle and Dragons Z 3DS


I am still working on my Fairy Wars R series


Hatsune Miku Project Mira DX

Super Mario maker

Yup I got the Super Mario Maker and I already started making stages like crazy

I tend to make a lot of Amiibo costume theme stages such as Megaman 2 Air man stage or playing the level as a goomba or Peach or Sonic for examples,
I do use other styles and my most popular stage at the moment is my Super Mario world theme level where you just play pinball,

My 2nd most popular stage is playing as Peach escaping Bowsers clutches
…But time by time I keep doing the 100 Mario Challenge to get more Amiibo costumes

I already have a Sonic and Peach Amiibo so they was there from the start.

Soooo I been making stuff here too.


There is more but I think this gives you an idea of what I been doing lately


About Princess1una

I am an indie game developer and web animator doing all I can to make a living out of what I love to do.

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