Another game making project that ends in failure

Well I was looking forward to making this game…
I have a demo

I had videos all over the place….Here is a playlist…
You can see the game going through an evolution…

I had art work ready and even stills from the good and 1st bad ending

I went back and tried to do EVERYTHING I can to save the game even if I had to butcher it….It was a no go…
The game was broken and could not even play after being made….All that hard work gone….

Know whats messed up?
This is not the 1st time this has happen….

There have been other games that just failed on me and I had to end things there..

This game I kind of want to come back to it and try it again…
I even had art work of some of the new chars that would be featured in this game.

I was going to have the natives be a cross between Mayan and African style….The story
feel apart way before the game did…
The game itself went though some changes as I worked on it pretty fast

Another game I had almost done was Skyrealm Adventures…I have a demo for that too…
Its more of an unfinished game due to the game not being finished I made it into a demo

Wow I nearly forgot I had this version of this beta….

It later became this

There is also Ruru Guu….Well this was made for a project and I passed but I put the source file on one of those online storage that removes file if they are not downloaded over and over and over and over and I was stupid so I lost this game….I still have snapshots

I later fixed the game to look like this

Ruru was one of my 1st none Princess Luna stand alone chars and lately gain a nice little fan base.

I also have one game that had all kinds of videos on my old youtube channel and all there is left are
REALLY old stills before I gotten good at drawing and things look….well…

It was going to be called “Luna and the realm of dreams…
I feel this was by far one of my biggest projects where I made demos and was using the forums on my
website but all that is gone….Also the old source files was on an old PC that got wiped after I got a new PC and
had not time to restore it…..Now I back up TONS of crap even gold old DVD-RW’s and CD-RW’s with files and files and Files AND FILES!

It had a megaman style system and a way to tackle bosses at any rate and the 1st game I was going to have a game over system…The Lost shrine was the 1st game I was going to make that had a save feature…

No ingame shots was saved just cut scenes and data elements.

This guy Miro….I made a spin on him next to Dr.Rune above

So I had a plot where Luna fell into a dream like realm and those who enter are forced
to play under some bull crap rules and are set to die and are turned into a dream sprite
and all their powers and etc. are given to the Dream Mirror Crystal and most are forced
to be stupid and they act like a baby and are lost forever and Luna has the power to fight
due to how she went in was not her saying “I WANT TO CHALLENGE THE DREAM REALM”
So there is a loop hole and her powers allow her to survive in some areas others would fail.

The 1st world was a fire world and elements was pretty much easy to guess…
A fire Queen…This dream realm had sub worlds all ruled by a queen…The main world
is ruled by a good queen who looks like a little girl and is the one sending SOS when she found out
the games was rigged and people was losing their lives to this game and Luna took the call.

So water beats fire and water beats grass and grass beats water…I even had some attacks act weird.

The fire queen name was Fry’Dina and she had a fire turtle

In the Demo her level and the water level was the only 2 done and the grass world was
still being worked on before it all went to hell….Oh I even had a demo room and used a hub
system like Super Paper Mario’s door system.

The water world was a bit…..weird…

The Queen here would have her realm all underwater with no air but those who are aquatic
Or auto shapeshift like Luna would still have a problem…The realm would then feel and look like
you was outside on land messing with your powers so you would have to flop around and stuff….
And get killed….I tired to be very deep and complex

Due to in most of my games, comics and animations Luna in her mermaid for she still
has wings on her back and this allowed her to flap them and move as if she was swimming…
And then the game became more of a water level….Many of my games feature a mermaid
Luna at this point..

After going though a cave you get eaten by a giant sea snake and travel though his body like an
inside body maze to later get shot out with some dream sprites to fight the boss.

In the grass world…or Jungle Kingdom the Queen there was the youngest of the
Evil queens and would not compare herself to good one and love being the little
girl of the team but hated others in her world to be older than her so she would
turn anyone who goes into her kingdom into babies to be younger than her so
she can be a big kid and others would be dumb babies….I think I was thinking
about Angelica Pickles and not aware..

Well this is where things just stopped…

Like many of my games and some above even those that failed and some that succeed,
Luna can be played in her baby/ Under powered state where she is a catball and this game
she was going to be more ball but have her Zooka

At one point I was going to come back and try again but I never could get a good
Idea going….

This was the promo picture with some changes and I was going to call it “Project
Gold Wings” till it was done since everyone had wings with a shade of yellow.

While I did not have a full set of the bosses from the 1st version two bosses was replaced in the “was going to be” retry and that is the electric fairy who looks like the bride of Frankenstine and the little girl on the rock hand…

in the 1st version the bosses was going to be….
Water -Undiny
And instead of electric there was going to be a darkness type
and instead of rock there was going to be a light type

The two ghost are named “Star ligth and start bright” They was going to be the 1st bosses you face and the story was going to be more about Luna seeing a Queen trying to flee he realm and get some help but was about to be pulled back in and Luna finds the problem and offers to save her and for not doing the challenge she can stay with the good queen and try and fight the bosses while the others try and get rid of Luna or she would mess up their plans..

It got deeper and the fact I have THIS much to say about this one game…it shows how much faith I had in it back when my drawings was more…Like that…But I keep having some issues with super big projects but little or ….Meh?…Games do well…


I am pissed but calmed down as I typed all of this…I mean before I made this blog I was making the most evilest face and was huffing and puffing and as I dug around my youtube videos and deviant art pics I calmed a bit…..I still feel upset that all was for nothing…I did get to show off some new elements and try new things….


I guess untilI get the game making bug again I should take it slow and return to the Super Mario Maker and maybe there I can get some ideas and or try making some smaller games for my account on Newgrounds and GameJolt…Now that I got the Fusion 2.5 free version that allows you to make HTML5 games at will no limitations and etc…..Kind of like how Unity can allow you to make an android app for free after get the program and stuff…

Time well tell…But this blog got me a bit out of my slump and I’ll just wait till I want to do a bigger project again….


About Princess1una

I am an indie game developer and web animator doing all I can to make a living out of what I love to do.

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