Pocket Maplestory PrincesLua’s story part 2

So here is the 2nd set of images.

So the Princess….Hah being the hactchling of the legendary herion PrincesLua feels more like a Princess to me,
So Lua set out to get some lunch for Kaiser and was asked to go pray to the gods….OOOOH BOY!

Screenshot_2015-10-29-21-38-27 Screenshot_2015-10-29-21-38-36 Screenshot_2015-10-29-21-38-44 Screenshot_2015-10-29-21-39-07 Screenshot_2015-10-29-21-39-19 Screenshot_2015-10-29-21-39-23 Screenshot_2015-10-29-21-40-21 Screenshot_2015-10-29-21-40-27 Screenshot_2015-10-29-21-40-32 Screenshot_2015-10-29-21-40-46 Screenshot_2015-10-29-21-40-51 Screenshot_2015-10-29-21-42-10 Screenshot_2015-10-29-21-42-25 Screenshot_2015-10-29-21-42-34 Screenshot_2015-10-29-21-42-38 Screenshot_2015-10-29-21-42-43

Let’s get the praying on

Screenshot_2015-10-29-21-43-25 Screenshot_2015-10-29-21-43-34 Screenshot_2015-10-29-21-43-38 Screenshot_2015-10-29-21-43-43 Screenshot_2015-10-29-21-43-50

That cube…Omg its about to happen!

Screenshot_2015-10-29-21-43-57 Screenshot_2015-10-29-21-44-00 Screenshot_2015-10-29-21-44-03 Screenshot_2015-10-29-21-44-06 Screenshot_2015-10-29-21-44-09 Screenshot_2015-10-29-21-44-13 Screenshot_2015-10-29-21-44-17 Screenshot_2015-10-29-21-44-21 Screenshot_2015-10-29-21-44-23 Screenshot_2015-10-29-21-44-27

Omg this is getting more deeper and has more of a destiny than dumb luck….


Screenshot_2015-10-29-21-44-31 Screenshot_2015-10-29-21-44-35 Screenshot_2015-10-29-21-44-41 Screenshot_2015-10-29-21-45-00 Screenshot_2015-10-29-21-45-05 Screenshot_2015-10-29-21-45-11 Screenshot_2015-10-29-21-45-15 Screenshot_2015-10-29-21-45-20 Screenshot_2015-10-29-21-45-23 Screenshot_2015-10-29-21-45-27 Screenshot_2015-10-29-21-45-31 Screenshot_2015-10-29-21-45-34 Screenshot_2015-10-29-21-45-37 Screenshot_2015-10-29-21-45-41 Screenshot_2015-10-29-21-45-45


Screenshot_2015-10-29-21-45-49 Screenshot_2015-10-29-21-45-52 Screenshot_2015-10-29-21-45-55 Screenshot_2015-10-29-21-46-00 Screenshot_2015-10-29-21-46-02 Screenshot_2015-10-29-21-46-08 Screenshot_2015-10-29-21-46-11 Screenshot_2015-10-29-21-46-15 Screenshot_2015-10-29-21-46-18 Screenshot_2015-10-29-21-46-21 Screenshot_2015-10-29-21-46-24 Screenshot_2015-10-29-21-46-27

OMG He did a flip and changed on the fly

Screenshot_2015-10-29-21-46-31 Screenshot_2015-10-29-21-46-34 Screenshot_2015-10-29-21-46-38

I got a snapshot of this…Oh dang!

Screenshot_2015-10-29-21-46-41 Screenshot_2015-10-29-21-46-44 Screenshot_2015-10-29-21-46-48 Screenshot_2015-10-29-21-46-52 Screenshot_2015-10-29-21-46-56


Screenshot_2015-10-29-21-46-59 Screenshot_2015-10-29-21-47-04 Screenshot_2015-10-29-21-47-07 Screenshot_2015-10-29-21-47-11 Screenshot_2015-10-29-21-47-17 Screenshot_2015-10-29-21-47-22 Screenshot_2015-10-29-21-47-25

Dang the snapshot got taken right after they was attacking….

Screenshot_2015-10-29-21-47-29 Screenshot_2015-10-29-21-47-48 Screenshot_2015-10-29-21-47-52 Screenshot_2015-10-29-21-47-55 Screenshot_2015-10-29-21-47-58 Screenshot_2015-10-29-21-48-01 Screenshot_2015-10-29-21-48-11 Screenshot_2015-10-29-21-48-25 Screenshot_2015-10-29-21-48-30 Screenshot_2015-10-29-21-48-35 Screenshot_2015-10-29-21-48-38 Screenshot_2015-10-29-21-48-42 Screenshot_2015-10-29-21-48-46 Screenshot_2015-10-29-21-48-49 Screenshot_2015-10-29-21-48-54

OKAY HOLD ON A SECOND PAL!…Dang….I still can’t get over him talking this way to an angelic buster since in the PC version he goes all pervy..But dang..That is cold blooded

Screenshot_2015-10-29-21-49-04 Screenshot_2015-10-29-21-49-08

You sir…Are a douche bag!


Soooooooo after that we get a bit more like the PC version.

Screenshot_2015-10-29-21-49-31 Screenshot_2015-10-29-21-49-35 Screenshot_2015-10-29-21-49-39 Screenshot_2015-10-29-21-49-42

Dang it…You will be the angel everyone prays too or something…Oh look a relic!

Screenshot_2015-10-29-21-49-46 Screenshot_2015-10-29-21-49-51 Screenshot_2015-10-29-21-49-54 Screenshot_2015-10-29-21-49-57 Screenshot_2015-10-29-21-50-00

Lol you’re just saying that because I am not wearing anything

Screenshot_2015-10-29-21-50-04 Screenshot_2015-10-29-21-50-07 Screenshot_2015-10-29-21-50-19 Screenshot_2015-10-29-21-50-26 Screenshot_2015-10-29-21-50-30 Screenshot_2015-10-29-21-50-43 Screenshot_2015-10-29-21-50-46 Screenshot_2015-10-29-21-50-49 Screenshot_2015-10-29-21-50-53

……………Eskalade……YOU HORN DOG!!!!


Screenshot_2015-10-29-21-50-56 Screenshot_2015-10-29-21-51-00 Screenshot_2015-10-29-21-51-04 Screenshot_2015-10-29-21-51-10 Screenshot_2015-10-29-21-51-13 Screenshot_2015-10-29-21-51-21

Oh before I did this I got a pet

Screenshot_2015-10-29-21-52-07 Screenshot_2015-10-29-21-53-11 Screenshot_2015-10-29-21-53-27

Okay this pet…OMG! I wish the PC version pets did stuff like this….Random expressions for pets that don’t do that…I know those meso ranger robot pets do random stuff and dragons…..Also they fly and loot gear like Cheese flying to an eggman robot….LOVE IT!

Screenshot_2015-10-29-22-05-18 Screenshot_2015-10-29-22-05-28

Soooooooooo This game is bigger than I expected it to be…So maybe other classes can meet up besides just doing party quest in some system…This is really a pocket Maplestory

Screenshot_2015-10-29-22-10-08 Screenshot_2015-10-29-22-15-15 Screenshot_2015-10-29-22-15-39 Screenshot_2015-10-29-22-15-42 Screenshot_2015-10-29-22-15-47 Screenshot_2015-10-29-22-15-53 Screenshot_2015-10-29-22-15-56 Screenshot_2015-10-29-22-16-00 Screenshot_2015-10-29-22-16-05 Screenshot_2015-10-29-22-16-20 Screenshot_2015-10-29-22-16-24 Screenshot_2015-10-29-22-16-39 Screenshot_2015-10-29-22-16-47 Screenshot_2015-10-29-22-17-42 Screenshot_2015-10-29-22-17-46 Screenshot_2015-10-29-22-17-54 Screenshot_2015-10-29-22-17-57

Sooooooooooooooooo….Now you need me now that you know I got powers like mother?…Typical….
Well I am the main char so that means like it or not I gotta save all ya’ll butts

Screenshot_2015-10-29-22-18-17 Screenshot_2015-10-29-22-18-42

OMG YES….I had to hold my phone in a weird way to do this snapshot while shooting

Screenshot_2015-10-29-22-19-11 Screenshot_2015-10-29-22-19-16 Screenshot_2015-10-29-22-19-20

Lol she is crying because she knows Christina is thirsty for the Kaiser and know’s he wont give it to her…those are tears of joy just trying to play it off like she is sad and useless lol……
I am REALLY getting into this…Its like when I 1st made Princess1una….That magic spark is here too…MOVING ON!

Screenshot_2015-10-29-22-19-24 Screenshot_2015-10-29-22-19-27

And its here I took a break…I can do my super hero thing and now can shoot with the soul shooter but I got other things to do so I will try not to get THAT sucked into this.


Stay tune for more.


About Princess1una

I am an indie game developer and web animator doing all I can to make a living out of what I love to do.

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