Pocket Maplestory PrincesLua’s story 4

So back to the phone I go….I am waiting on 2x on the PC version and want to see how far I can go for now.

Screenshot_2015-11-01-15-33-00 Screenshot_2015-11-01-15-33-43 Screenshot_2015-11-01-15-33-49 Screenshot_2015-11-01-15-42-24 Screenshot_2015-11-01-15-42-30 Screenshot_2015-11-01-15-42-34 Screenshot_2015-11-01-15-42-44 Screenshot_2015-11-01-15-42-50 Screenshot_2015-11-01-15-42-57


Screenshot_2015-11-01-15-43-36 Screenshot_2015-11-01-15-43-39 Screenshot_2015-11-01-15-43-43 Screenshot_2015-11-01-15-43-47 Screenshot_2015-11-01-15-43-51 Screenshot_2015-11-01-15-43-54

Ooookay I never saw you make a face like that before….Ooookay

Screenshot_2015-11-01-15-43-58 Screenshot_2015-11-01-15-44-01 Screenshot_2015-11-01-15-44-08 Screenshot_2015-11-01-15-44-12 Screenshot_2015-11-01-15-44-15 Screenshot_2015-11-01-15-44-18 Screenshot_2015-11-01-15-44-21 Screenshot_2015-11-01-15-44-26 Screenshot_2015-11-01-15-44-29 Screenshot_2015-11-01-15-44-34 Screenshot_2015-11-01-15-44-37 Screenshot_2015-11-01-15-44-41 Screenshot_2015-11-01-15-44-44 Screenshot_2015-11-01-15-45-11 Screenshot_2015-11-01-15-45-15 Screenshot_2015-11-01-15-45-18 Screenshot_2015-11-01-15-45-21 Screenshot_2015-11-01-15-45-25 Screenshot_2015-11-01-15-45-28 Screenshot_2015-11-01-15-45-37

The plot thickens

Screenshot_2015-11-01-15-45-41 Screenshot_2015-11-01-15-46-09 Screenshot_2015-11-01-15-46-13

OMG STOP BEING SUCH A BABY!….You are really the Nega-Luna to Princess1una

Screenshot_2015-11-01-15-46-16 Screenshot_2015-11-01-15-46-21 Screenshot_2015-11-01-15-46-25 Screenshot_2015-11-01-15-46-31

OH GOD Manji…..Ever since CrossDaBowmn and Dray and Maple Kombat I expect the worst when it comes to Manji.



Screenshot_2015-11-01-15-46-51 Screenshot_2015-11-01-15-46-55 Screenshot_2015-11-01-15-47-01 Screenshot_2015-11-01-15-47-06 Screenshot_2015-11-01-15-47-10 Screenshot_2015-11-01-15-47-16

Dang…Okay Tear….You can cry now…Your life is full of crap and I expect things to get worst from here on.

Screenshot_2015-11-01-15-47-25 Screenshot_2015-11-01-15-49-30 Screenshot_2015-11-01-15-49-35 Screenshot_2015-11-01-15-49-40 Screenshot_2015-11-01-15-49-44 Screenshot_2015-11-01-15-49-48

Oh dear god its Stumpy!
I say that because this game is like Old Maplestory…If its taking many shots to kill horny mushrooms than this boss is going to be a problem.

Screenshot_2015-11-01-15-49-52 Screenshot_2015-11-01-15-49-56 Screenshot_2015-11-01-15-50-01 Screenshot_2015-11-01-15-50-06 Screenshot_2015-11-01-15-50-09

Okay…So we are not fighting yet.

Screenshot_2015-11-01-15-50-18 Screenshot_2015-11-01-15-50-23


….Yeah what he said…

Screenshot_2015-11-01-15-52-09 Screenshot_2015-11-01-15-52-23 Screenshot_2015-11-01-15-52-27 Screenshot_2015-11-01-15-52-35

Okay this boss…IS OVER THE TOP!!! Maybe this is what Korean Maple is trying to do to PC Maplestory in the future since this boss can jump like a Final Fantasy Lancer and land on you and chase after you…. I know this because I tried to go above his head and snipe him but he Lancer jumped and ended up where I was and began to chase me off the top platform and as I took this show I healed and tried a few star bubbles and died……..


Sooooooooooo……Now I am just taking my time grinding and stuff.
Stay tune for more updates/


About Princess1una

I am an indie game developer and web animator doing all I can to make a living out of what I love to do.

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