Pocket Maplestory PrincesLua’s story 5

Not much has happen really….Just some grinding and now I am getting more SP per level and now now I am using more Star bubble but I am aiming to max Affinity so I can reload faster….MAN WHEN I GET THAT HAMMER….OMG…OOOOOMMMMGGGG!!!…..But the reason why I been stuck here for a bit…STUMPY!
I am getting my butt kicked by Stumpy I mean look at this….

Oh and sorry for all the (…) I tend to do this a lot when I am typing as I say what I am saying in my head and I tend to use these (…) as I pause a bit

Screenshot_2015-11-03-23-53-02 Screenshot_2015-11-03-23-53-14 Screenshot_2015-11-03-23-53-18

He freaking one shot’ed me….

Screenshot_2015-11-03-23-53-36 Screenshot_2015-11-03-23-53-42

Soooooooooo back to the drawing board….GRIND TIME!

Screenshot_2015-11-03-23-55-15 Screenshot_2015-11-03-23-55-37 Screenshot_2015-11-03-23-56-02 Screenshot_2015-11-03-23-56-09

So I am mostly doing this quest over and over and with a jump to the location feature and tons of return scrolls I’ll have my next gear on.

Oh I tried auto combat

Yeah….This is why I am using a small low power snapshot app…I can’t use screen recorders….that I know of…Most require me to root my phone and I have one of those awesome phones with Ooonnnneeeeee small problem…The phone force install updates and etc on my main phone data no SC card like my older one so trying to install Kamcord or things like that will result in issues….Gotta do what you gotta do but hey! High quality snapshots.

I am going to make a parody video about this event but for now you can see this parody of the 1st few stories in a nutshell here

Stumpy Problems:

Sorry about the grammar issues…For some reason I don’t catch these till too late…
Well enjoy the video and snapshots


About Princess1una

I am an indie game developer and web animator doing all I can to make a living out of what I love to do.

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