Pocket Maplestory PrincesLua’s story 6


This is it!
This is the day I cut down the tree….OF DOOM!!!!

Moving on…

Screenshot_2015-11-04-14-23-36 Screenshot_2015-11-04-14-23-45 Screenshot_2015-11-04-14-23-49

So after getting to level 24 I was able to put on my gear and it was time to face this beast!

Screenshot_2015-11-04-14-25-19 Screenshot_2015-11-04-14-30-14 Screenshot_2015-11-04-14-30-20 Screenshot_2015-11-04-14-30-29 Screenshot_2015-11-04-14-30-34

Okay so here is a problem…I gotten used to them but touch controls are a bit annoying to me on mobile….I can deal with swiping and tap games but….Well long story short I pressed the orange potion button but did a star bubble and died…


…..SCREW THE RULES I GOT MESO’S! I don’t have any exp to lose so let’s keep doing this till I get this right!

So after losing I did lose 2 more times but this time I just mostly did the following…
1-Hold the attack button
2-Shoot the star bubbles till it runs out
3-SPAM ITEMS cuz each hit had me in danger
4-Do it all again

And after a good session and having to deal with some controls I finally did it!

Screenshot_2015-11-04-14-43-42 Screenshot_2015-11-04-14-44-24 Screenshot_2015-11-04-14-44-27 Screenshot_2015-11-04-14-44-34 Screenshot_2015-11-04-14-44-39

Yes, That’s because I am the Angelic Buster!!!

Screenshot_2015-11-04-14-44-43 Screenshot_2015-11-04-14-44-51 Screenshot_2015-11-04-14-44-55 Screenshot_2015-11-04-14-45-02 Screenshot_2015-11-04-14-46-11 Screenshot_2015-11-04-14-46-16 Screenshot_2015-11-04-14-46-20 Screenshot_2015-11-04-14-46-24 Screenshot_2015-11-04-14-46-27 Screenshot_2015-11-04-14-46-31 Screenshot_2015-11-04-14-46-36 Screenshot_2015-11-04-14-46-40 Screenshot_2015-11-04-14-46-43 Screenshot_2015-11-04-14-46-46 Screenshot_2015-11-04-14-46-49 Screenshot_2015-11-04-14-46-54 Screenshot_2015-11-04-14-46-58 Screenshot_2015-11-04-14-47-03 Screenshot_2015-11-04-14-47-14

Soooo…We are off to Ludi..But wait..We are high up….Know what? Forget it…I just jumped from a portal from the Nova world to this place so portals can be summed up this way “MAGIC!!!” Thats it don’t think about it too much just let it happen

Screenshot_2015-11-04-14-50-58 Screenshot_2015-11-04-14-51-04

Okay….Narrow swimming….
I am now thinking about this….

Well its not that narrow but its easy to get hurt for such a small map and you can shoot the pinbooms

Ludi is…Indoors??? Wow…..Well we meet Kyle again

Screenshot_2015-11-04-14-47-47 Screenshot_2015-11-04-14-47-52 Screenshot_2015-11-04-14-47-56 Screenshot_2015-11-04-14-48-00 Screenshot_2015-11-04-14-48-03 Screenshot_2015-11-04-14-48-06 Screenshot_2015-11-04-14-48-09 Screenshot_2015-11-04-14-48-12 Screenshot_2015-11-04-14-48-15 Screenshot_2015-11-04-14-48-19 Screenshot_2015-11-04-14-48-23 Screenshot_2015-11-04-14-48-26 Screenshot_2015-11-04-14-48-29 Screenshot_2015-11-04-14-48-32 Screenshot_2015-11-04-14-48-35 Screenshot_2015-11-04-14-48-39 Screenshot_2015-11-04-14-48-42 Screenshot_2015-11-04-14-48-45 Screenshot_2015-11-04-14-48-54


Screenshot_2015-11-04-14-48-57 Screenshot_2015-11-04-14-49-01 Screenshot_2015-11-04-14-49-04 Screenshot_2015-11-04-14-49-07 Screenshot_2015-11-04-14-49-11 Screenshot_2015-11-04-14-49-14 Screenshot_2015-11-04-14-49-17 Screenshot_2015-11-04-14-49-20 Screenshot_2015-11-04-14-49-24 Screenshot_2015-11-04-14-49-36

Why do I gotta talk to the Cuddle Bear!?!……Cuz you KNOW I WILL!!!

And that’s where I end things for now,
I am going to slow down on things and work on some other projects and keep in mind,
I did not lose track of Maplestory PC

I am still doing my thing

I feel the Mobile version is more of a side project that I am sharing on the side but the story is getting good.


Thank you for viewing.


About Princess1una

I am an indie game developer and web animator doing all I can to make a living out of what I love to do.

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