Pocket Maplestory PrincesLua’s story 7

I’ll post my happenings and now its safe to say….The hype has wore off and now…I’ll keep the game and mess around with it every so often but I am just doing the same thing over but slower…So I think I should take a break and when I do find some cool stuff I’ll update the blog with more stories but I need to focus other projects…

As for this story:
I won 2 gachpon tickets and….I nearly forgot why I stop using gachpon machines

Screenshot_2015-11-05-14-50-51 Screenshot_2015-11-05-14-51-00 Screenshot_2015-11-05-14-51-32 Screenshot_2015-11-05-14-51-44 Screenshot_2015-11-05-14-51-52 Screenshot_2015-11-05-14-52-07 Screenshot_2015-11-05-14-53-08 Screenshot_2015-11-05-14-53-19

Well I sold them for Meso’s, Later I did grinding and killed stuff and started accepting quest

Screenshot_2015-11-05-19-27-06 Screenshot_2015-11-05-19-27-13 Screenshot_2015-11-05-19-27-18 Screenshot_2015-11-05-19-27-22 Screenshot_2015-11-05-19-27-26 Screenshot_2015-11-05-19-27-29 Screenshot_2015-11-05-19-27-33 Screenshot_2015-11-05-19-27-37 Screenshot_2015-11-05-19-27-40 Screenshot_2015-11-05-19-27-43

Well at lease its not Papulatus…

Screenshot_2015-11-05-20-01-37 Screenshot_2015-11-05-20-01-42 Screenshot_2015-11-05-20-01-46 Screenshot_2015-11-05-20-01-56

Now she is becoming the Angel of justice

Screenshot_2015-11-05-20-02-03 Screenshot_2015-11-05-20-02-07 Screenshot_2015-11-05-20-02-10 Screenshot_2015-11-05-20-02-14 Screenshot_2015-11-05-20-02-24 Screenshot_2015-11-05-20-02-34 Screenshot_2015-11-05-20-02-55 Screenshot_2015-11-05-20-03-05

And after doing quest and quest and getting exp and even learinng some extra skills I just stopped…Not for good….Again I need to slow down and do other things since this is just a more grindier version of Maple…Or Pre-Bigbang but I am just doing the AB trip again….I am amazed that Power Transfer has a drain feature which does not happen on the PC version and Job 1 and 2 skills are mixed so I can use the lovely sting and drill early on

Well thank you for viewing.


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I am an indie game developer and web animator doing all I can to make a living out of what I love to do.

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