Pocket Maplestory PrincesLua’s story 8

Now I am playing on the go and not at home to save myself sometime…So saying that let’s see what happen this time.

Screenshot_2015-11-06-15-49-38 Screenshot_2015-11-06-15-49-45 Screenshot_2015-11-06-15-49-54 Screenshot_2015-11-06-15-49-57 Screenshot_2015-11-06-15-50-01


Screenshot_2015-11-06-15-50-06 Screenshot_2015-11-06-15-50-09 Screenshot_2015-11-06-15-50-13 Screenshot_2015-11-06-15-50-17 Screenshot_2015-11-06-15-50-21 Screenshot_2015-11-06-15-50-30 Screenshot_2015-11-06-15-50-53

A level 32 road block….I made a mistake and pressed fight….He like Stumpy can move around and jump and warp to you and killed me…Soooooo I leveled up to level 28,
I am also being smart about my skills and also later moved those skill bubbles around and stuff, I am not using much of my AB skills but the default shoot attack but I am leveling them up…To a degree…I am getting them to the point where once I hit job 2 I can start using other skills but after Affnity I am going to work on Power Transfer….I need my drain/Heal skill and over all the drill works like how it is on Maplestory Reboot…You slide even when baddies are not around 32 or maybe higher way after I put on my new gear…Can never be too careful


About Princess1una

I am an indie game developer and web animator doing all I can to make a living out of what I love to do.

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