PrincessLuna blog update, What I been up too lately

At one point I deiced to stop doing too much on my phone and making videos….After a half of week I had clips I just said “screw it” and converted the clips into videos and the main reason why I wanted a break hit me again…I spent HALF A DAY rendering videos and having to edit…Sure I have things on my Wii U and 3DS and Phone so I had stuff to do but I was not in the mood to do some of these things.

So I mixed up my time and what I am going to do and things are better…..Sooooooo….What have I been doing???

Let me bring things up to speed in the form of segments


I still been playing but again mostly on the weekend to take care of other things during the weekdays like animations and games and it helps that we have a lot of 2x events almost every weekend

I did get another chair doing more Friendstory runs

I finally beat Arkarium!!!!….On easy

Normal was another story….

I also went back to visitors PQ

If the Stormgrowth Bigwig potions worked for level 200+ I would have been up some levels but I understand things can go wrong and I admire Nexons honesty and when I used about 3 of these potions my exp jumped up way higher than I expected so I still get near my goal of a level and thats good and as you can see the title shows I am already at 50.07%

Pocket Maple Story:
I am still playing and hit level 31 and learning what I saw I think level 120 is the max level and now I fixed my SP the right way and now I am making sure I have the right amount of SP for each skill for the next job coming later and HOLY CRAP I LOVE POWER TRANSFER! I wish it would do this on the PC version…It heals as you hit and is soooo useful….Grinding still takes some time to do but its a nice distraction.


Game Making:

I am going to start making some smaller games to play on both Newgrounds and GameJolt and I am going back to sprites and now fixed things up so now I can allow jumping on enemies and charging like Megaman

I am also working on a bigger game too

I am keeping things simple I do plan to make bigger projects too.



I am getting ready to get back my series “PrincessLuna Fairy Wars R”
I already have the intro episode ready

I than made a shorter and simpler opening for this arc.

I also have plans for other animations on the way such as…

Race for the fire jewel…I’m changing an old series “Race for the Goddess Jewel” and dropping many things and giving roles to other chars of my series

Also a retry on my Vampire series I done with comics and an epic animated season finale but now that I rebooted I am going to give the role to one of my chars and try some new things.

I also begun a comic series called “Cosmic Defender”

The pages are on my deviant art gallery

but I’ll be making more pages over time…Other than an animated trailer I don’t think I’ll animate this series but its nice to do a comic again.


For Mobil gaming:

I slowed down  A LOT and some games both Mobile and facebook I just gave up…
The Sailormoon crystal puzzle game I was playing  had an update and I gotta get the new version…I took that as a reason to stop…Not a bad game but lately just seeing how long these puzzle games go…..I am losing motivation in puzzle games with tons of levels and stages and Bubble witch saga 2 was my breaking point…I already stopped playing Candy Crush Saga SODA but just scrolling to see how many levels there are…..

Now to be fare there are some games I have that do the level thing and I don’t mind it THAT much but it is bugging me but if its a game that stopped god knows how long ago and have no signs of updates like this 3D Runner like game SkyPunks…I play it less and less but I still have it but even this games levels and how many do bug me a bit.

12096005_1673525549571482_6481120760541194163_n12079491_1673525652904805_5508089376197325562_n  12096158_1673543862902984_5831821699024983844_n 12108810_1673525619571475_2602779195571849600_n 12122960_1673525636238140_6459990727798361820_n

Now a long side of Pocket Maplestory I do still mess with Sonic Runners and do a ranking and stuff still every so often

Now Sonic Jump fever…I mostly log in each day along side Pocket Maplestory for the daily log in’s and daily spins every day.

Most games I do have on my phone either are blitz puzzle games or games that as long as you have an account you can play as a game and some are just simple games no updates no hearts maybe some AD’s but they are good for short burst of gameplay.

I will make more Pocket Maplestory updates when the story moves on but for now I am grinding and giving my skills the required SP amount for the next set…Man I want that giant hammer….OMG That’s gonna make things soooooo much easier…And soul seekers..
I have noticed after an update I think the Angelic Busters got nerfed, I noticed the default shoot attack is now WAY faster but a bit weaker but still kills and stuns but I’ll see how things are when I get there and it sounds like my Angelic buster is speaking Korean.


I am still making gameplay videos and let’s plays and now that I can FINALLY play M.A.M.E the right way I am going to have some CRAZY puzzle games coming but…

I been playing the MESS out of “The Binding of Isaac” I should just upgrade to Rebirth and later After birth

Still Smashing both 3DS and Wii U

Yes I am a Rosalina and Luma user

I sat here and beat an SNES game on the hardest setting

I been playing A LOT of 3DS and Wii U stuff posting a mess of snapshots to the Miiverse

Here is reaching 9999 on Kirby Star Stackers

I’m currently playing Yoshi Wolly World…I need to finish playing Beyanetta so I can move on to part 2 also…

I’m using the mess out of my Sonic and Princess Peach Amiibo’s

I even gotten back into Mario Kart 8 and wow I was rusty on 200cc

While I love my Mii outfits I tend to not use my Mii as much…I USE!!!!

Baby Rosalina!!!
The Space baby has come to own ya all!!!!
I just love using her

I still get down with the Super Mario Maker

Mostly doing events but I plan to make more levels later

I plan to go back to Giana sisters twisted Dream


Okay moving on…

You can see I have a lot of options on my hands and that is why I been a bit busy.


Future things I plan to get and may do videos or share snapshots on are..

1: Gurumin: A Monstrous Adventure

I was going to get these two games but I got enough SHUMPS as is


But I am I’m going with Gurumin

2: Pokemon super mystery dungeon

I still have a file on the DS version where I am an  OP level 100 Skitty and it is funny as I don’t know what…I never played the other 2 DS games but when it came to 3DS I became a Snivy

This was with my older phone…I later evolved

This is why I need to find a way to get a capture card and something for my phone to make better videos….Sooo This time I am going with….

lol I wonder if I’ll even evolve when I get the chance…Hmm I do like mages and magic so maybe….

Yeah I’m going Delphox

I think this is why I been playing Issac more…I need a good dungeon game and knowing this is on the way I lost intress in gates to ifninity…Well its out and I’ll get it soon


So a side from all of this I am done and Monday I am going back to animations


About Princess1una

I am an indie game developer and web animator doing all I can to make a living out of what I love to do.

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