Pocket Maplestory PrincesLua’s story 10

Well this is where things get kind of…weird…

Screenshot_2015-11-24-21-15-31 Screenshot_2015-11-24-21-15-43 Screenshot_2015-11-24-21-15-52

Come on Tear you can NOT be that STUPID!

Screenshot_2015-11-24-21-15-59 Screenshot_2015-11-24-21-16-04 Screenshot_2015-11-24-21-16-09 Screenshot_2015-11-24-21-16-15

Is this going to be a trend!?! I go to a town…I get told that I am the bringer of doom….I get scared to death and get every ones trust?
Eh? Ludibrium was not like that just Perion and here….And one of my kind wants to kill me….Moving on


Ah yeah? You had a light bub over your head.

Screenshot_2015-11-24-21-16-34 Screenshot_2015-11-24-21-16-45 Screenshot_2015-11-24-21-16-52 Screenshot_2015-11-24-21-16-57 Screenshot_2015-11-24-21-17-02

Get beat by shell hat?…Thats Maplestory in a nutshell

Screenshot_2015-11-24-21-17-09 Screenshot_2015-11-24-21-17-13

Wow Carta you been underwater for a VERY long time if you have to make a pun that bad

Screenshot_2015-11-24-21-17-17 Screenshot_2015-11-24-21-17-20

And now we do quest to make her think other wise

Screenshot_2015-11-24-21-17-41 Screenshot_2015-11-24-21-17-47

Friendly neighborhood!?! Now I can see Tear dress like Spider girl using the grappling heart.


Ummmm? No fish? You mean the MILLIONS OF FISH MOBS OUTSIDE!?!
Or are those just monsters and nobody gives a care about those?


Oh…dang…I was right….Well…I guess this wont  make me feel bad for killing half the population.

Screenshot_2015-11-24-21-18-04 Screenshot_2015-11-24-21-23-59 Screenshot_2015-11-24-21-24-04

You know it! I am the…Wait I have yet to call myself an Angelic Buster now that I think about it,
So far I just been able to transform and was called a pink haired girl with powers.

Screenshot_2015-11-24-21-24-08 Screenshot_2015-11-24-21-24-12 Screenshot_2015-11-24-21-24-16

Yeah save doom for Bishops and….oh right…..

Screenshot_2015-11-24-21-24-26 Screenshot_2015-11-24-21-24-29 Screenshot_2015-11-24-21-24-33 Screenshot_2015-11-24-21-24-37

I forgot to snapshot the 1st few text because I was tapping the screen fast

Screenshot_2015-11-24-21-25-08 Screenshot_2015-11-24-21-25-14 Screenshot_2015-11-24-21-25-17

Hmm Kenta must not be doing his job again….Wait….Where is Kenta?

Screenshot_2015-11-24-21-25-20 Screenshot_2015-11-24-21-37-14 Screenshot_2015-11-24-21-37-18 Screenshot_2015-11-24-21-37-22 Screenshot_2015-11-24-21-37-25 Screenshot_2015-11-24-21-37-29 Screenshot_2015-11-24-21-37-35


Screenshot_2015-11-24-21-37-41 Screenshot_2015-11-24-21-37-50 Screenshot_2015-11-24-21-37-54 Screenshot_2015-11-24-21-37-57 Screenshot_2015-11-24-21-38-05 Screenshot_2015-11-24-21-38-09 Screenshot_2015-11-24-21-38-14 Screenshot_2015-11-24-21-38-17 Screenshot_2015-11-24-21-38-21

Let’s go wake up the big fish and get owned…

Screenshot_2015-11-24-21-38-39 Screenshot_2015-11-24-21-38-43 Screenshot_2015-11-24-21-38-47 Screenshot_2015-11-24-21-38-51 Screenshot_2015-11-24-21-38-56 Screenshot_2015-11-24-21-38-59 Screenshot_2015-11-24-21-39-02 Screenshot_2015-11-24-21-39-12

Sooooooooooo…He is going to face that big fish?…..Good luck buddy!

Screenshot_2015-11-24-21-39-22 Screenshot_2015-11-24-21-39-25 Screenshot_2015-11-24-21-39-30

Face it girl! You are stuck with me rather you like it or not.

Screenshot_2015-11-24-21-39-34 Screenshot_2015-11-24-21-39-38 Screenshot_2015-11-24-21-39-42

BEFORE WE MOVE ON! 120 is NOT the level cap…I think its level 150…There is a level 150 AB right there but whats scary is…
She is an NPC of a current player, I talked to her and she was the access to the Mulung dojo and I was wondering why for a few days she was just there till I did some
research and later she was replaced with a Demon slayer so I am now sure that level 150 is the max level and like the level 200 NPC’s you can have your char be an NPC for the dojo.


Back to the story at hand

Screenshot_2015-11-29-03-38-17 Screenshot_2015-11-29-03-38-25 Screenshot_2015-11-29-03-38-31 Screenshot_2015-11-29-03-38-36 Screenshot_2015-11-29-03-38-39 Screenshot_2015-11-29-03-38-47

lol just funny.

Screenshot_2015-11-29-03-38-54 Screenshot_2015-11-29-03-38-58 Screenshot_2015-11-29-03-39-04 Screenshot_2015-11-29-03-39-08 Screenshot_2015-11-29-03-39-14

I don’t think I told you my name…

Screenshot_2015-11-29-03-39-19 Screenshot_2015-11-29-03-39-23 Screenshot_2015-11-29-03-39-28 Screenshot_2015-11-29-03-41-50

PEW PEW PEW…I still am using the basic shoot since it hits more and can lock on and with power transfer I can heal making items less of a problem and also the lovely sting does not have the same explosion effect like the PC and star bubble only goes in a left or right line.


Yup! I am super fast ahahahhaha!

Screenshot_2015-11-29-03-42-12 Screenshot_2015-11-29-03-42-16 Screenshot_2015-11-29-03-42-25 Screenshot_2015-11-29-03-42-30 Screenshot_2015-11-29-03-42-41 Screenshot_2015-11-29-03-42-48

For a sea witch or witch in general your sprite don’t look old and creepy like a malady but do what you want.


….What?…..Right….This is Maplestory….Let’s see ol Esky


Aww you miss me

Screenshot_2015-11-29-03-43-16 Screenshot_2015-11-29-03-43-20 Screenshot_2015-11-29-03-43-35 Screenshot_2015-11-29-03-43-45 Screenshot_2015-11-29-03-43-54 Screenshot_2015-11-29-03-44-01

Wait…I just saw the title of the quest…JOB 2!?! ALREADY!?! But a lot of my skills are no where ready to have me learn my needed attacks!

Screenshot_2015-11-29-03-44-04 Screenshot_2015-11-29-03-44-08 Screenshot_2015-11-29-03-44-11 Screenshot_2015-11-29-03-44-16 Screenshot_2015-11-29-03-44-20 Screenshot_2015-11-29-03-44-23 Screenshot_2015-11-29-03-44-35

Oooooooookay so now I gotta be level 40 to reach job2….Haaa….I’ll learn soul seeker and stuff but I am going back to job 1 and getting moves on the required space becaus I need that hammer!
Like the PC version the game got REALLY fun with that hammer till job 4

I’ll have more later thank you for viewing,
This story is getting good.



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