Action Puzzle Town Review

When I saw this video I was sold!

This is a SAVING GRACE! When it comes to freeium puzzle games,
Like what you saw above its pretty much a bunch of puzzle games no endless stages and missions just….puzzle games…WELL…Kind of…Here comes the snapshots!

So there IS a story to this as you do things…I skipped the main story but there is a video that shows you some of the game and some gameplay…Saves me some long drawn out ways of explaining whats going on

So you start off with this flower head guy


Oh yeah…I am already in the mitz of things soooooo….


Okay so this fat fairy girl helps you along the way, For a second was thinking this was going to be part town builder like the My little pony game by GameLoft but you do make a house…It helps with points…But this is pretty much a hub menu and hat little girl below…I unlocked her early with some of the free gems since I wanted something else to use besides this odd cat face flower head guy…It turns out he is a part of a family and the little girl is his little sis as the game calls her and during these screen shots I was unlocking the uncle who wears a bikini due to the fairy summoning him instead of a beautiful woman…Yup….It’s wanna those over the top wacky games….Moving on OH! You can see that pink haired angel with the words Princess1una cut off…I have an account on Com2us/Hive along with KaokoStory and Line and these help me to play games WAY better even when I have to get an newer version of the game I can play right where I left off at, Some games I logged in with facebook or Google+ like Angry Birds Stella and Pocket Maplestory and Sonic Dash and Jump Fever….I gave up on Sonic Runners due to….Don’t worry about it this is action puzzle time now….MOVING ON!

Screenshot_2015-11-30-15-15-31 Screenshot_2015-11-30-15-15-45

Playing Puzzle games on normal gives you an option to play with a time limit that goes down but you can make it go up as you play but mistakes can screw you up…Now Time…Simple! You do as much as you can with a time limit


Let’s look at the games…Above we have!
Lucky 7’s:…Almost like 2049 but you can tap any where but you turn 7’s into 77’s than a star and remove them.

Blobbies: This game you move blocks around and 3 stacked will go away, Reminds me a bit of Nexon’s ZooZoo Invasion but upside down in a way

Shanghai pop is…Well its more like ZooZoo invasion only instead of lifting and dropping like an upside down Magical drop

…Why Nexon took this off of Facebook and the Mobile version keeps saying an error I will never understand why…I REALLY LOVE THIS GAME…Its the main reason I got a Kaoko story since I played it on my phone for a while till the game….Well I think the game just don’t work…
So here you link two blocks near each other either by swipping or touching them and its pretty fun, the rising blocks also reminds me of Panel De Pon

Left or Right:
This has a bit of a Wario Ware feel, You tap left or right to make the odd chars move in their respective section and it can get tricky…It’s one I had to do a lot due to tons of quest you can get if you want extra stuff instead of just playing for points.

Math Class:
OH DEAR LORD…So many 5’s and 2’s and you gotta draw a line and make numbers add up to 7 or 14 or 21…I suck at this one….Not a lot of Math puzzle games win me over..Now Money Idol Exchanger is something I can work with.

Tap Tap Tap:
Played Collapse? This it is but faster and more insane due to the time limit and speed of fever mode.

Its pretty much Mahjon but more like this version than the super extreme version

The only thing is the pieces are not stacked on top of each other and you gotta link them and there is a time limit but pretty much like that above

Spaceship ride:
This one is not really a puzzle game but more of a skill game of avoiding….Its more like a Sonic Special stage but still fun

And below:


Dessert time:
This is you’re bejeweled blitz on crack style game….Well more like a cross between their game Witch Wars Puzzles and Eggies

I am still getting ready to unlock the last one….Seeing the word memory….Ugh I think its a card match game…Let’s see the house

Screenshot_2015-11-30-15-16-46 Screenshot_2015-11-30-15-16-55

You can tap on stuff in the background for odd effects and the more you do quest the more your house can upgrade.

Screenshot_2015-11-30-15-25-53 Screenshot_2015-11-30-15-26-02 Screenshot_2015-11-30-15-26-19

Here comes ONE major problem I knew was gonna happen sooner or later…
This game is Freemium so it has that life system to play the games…Thankfully its like Puzzle and Dragons and games of that nature where you have a number of tires and levels will increase your number of plays….This pic below is what happen when I came back after a break and my bowls of rice refilled but the quest I had pending ran out…


That fairy does weird things…Just tap her but Lil Sis and Uncle’s quest ended and they say some HARSH stuff to…..Your flower head kid but dang…This is brutal….I do have a quest pending and the reason I am bringing this up is because I am out of points and its taking a while to refill and unless I spend my gems to quickly get back up I am gonna get another failed quest, So this is the ONE thing that kills this game for me in a bit…A Life to play system can really mess you up if you got quest and what if you just wanted to play some puzzle games….ugh….oh well before that happens

Screenshot_2015-11-30-19-27-51 Screenshot_2015-11-30-19-28-06

So looking at the chars you can unlock over time you come across wacky chars such as Elvis and 3 Pac…..Yeah….Also there is a ghost baby…What is it in Eastern games and media and ghost babies?

Screenshot_2015-11-30-19-30-02 Screenshot_2015-11-30-19-30-12

Well like many Com2us games there is a set of rankings


Yeah..I am…low….


hah….Well I am still getting the swing of things…
So when I do come back mama is gonna say some evil stuff for having a quest run out due to no way to play because of the time limit and I don’t wanna spend those jewels.

This is not a bad game at all I wish it did not have the life system but other than that a series of puzzle games to play and no stages and missions and all can be on a “Go as long as you can” style or blitz makes me happy.

Other mobile games need to take notes from this game.


About Princess1una

I am an indie game developer and web animator doing all I can to make a living out of what I love to do.

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  1. Math game: add numbers equals to 7/17/27/37…….

  2. I’ve been playing this awesome game quite obsessively recently but came upon a quest I don’t know how to complete :< it's for Blobbies normal mode and says "remove blocks by tapping on the time gauge bar 5 consecutive times 5 times". Help T.T

    • sorry for the late reply, I think you gotta be in time mode not score mode and tap the bottom of the screen to make the blocks increase, I need to play this more, I have not had that mission yet or I am not aware if I did have it.

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