1st PrincessLuna blog post of 2016

Where do I begin!?!….Okay let me save the puzzle game facebook/mobile/etc. for last

Let’s start with Maplestory.
I got to level 217 finally

I been getting distracted but I can grind like crazy…I guess I wanted to get others done before I get too into grinding again but I will aim for the 220 and take my time one by one to get to my point.


I been doing some new and odd things with my animations.

Slowing down and just having fun instead of making every project a “Go big or go home” style and just have fun like I used to do.

Animating my dreams again


My buddy Fartman and I had a final battle in Pokemon Showdown

He was never one to get into RPG’s like I would but would try some games but he do like the battle parts of Pokemon but love the showdown because it reminds him of the Pokemon N64 games that had rentals but hated the having to deal with so much changes like new types and stuff since he been off of Pokemon for a while and while I moved with the series he had to relearn some stuff,

Now at the start of things he was very devoted making all kinds of teams but lately due to how much I would win even with odd teams or having one pokemon sweep his entire team I feel he’s been trying to set himself up for failure to oneday just say “I QUIT” but sadly he’s been trying and not just for the showdown but for ANY game we play online he has come up with a rule that if he NEVER wins a full round…he can win a round like in a fighting game like round 1 I lose round 2 I win and round 3 I win..He still rejects me to upload and this is why he either slowly stop playing games all at once or videos come in less and less.

This one battle is what broke him and made us have that final battle above because he has not won in god knows how long due to me stopping the theme teams such as “A team of all snake pokemon” “A team of all the Pika Types” I did keep a team of all woman and lady looking pokemon but it was this one battle that was his breaking point.

I am sooooooooo glad GameStop is going to be giving away legendary pokemon…..I miss my Darkrai sooooooooooooooo much…I also miss my Arceus but as you can see in both videos Darkrai is used  A LOT! After Mew Darkrai is my 2nd fave. pokemon hands down.

Some of these legends I could not use in the Pokemon Bank was given to me from a gamer and yeah he used Action Replay but I put in the effort to train them but I can understand but I did miss my Darkrai so much.

Back to Fartman and I.
We still do play games online and I would sometimes find a game watching videos and would go to facebook and give him links and mess such at these

Puzzle games are added to the mix too but the ONLY games he will still play even if its hard for him to win would be…

Magical Drop 3.
After I gotten so much better at this game he RARELY wins…His wins often come from a mistake I make trying to be fancy but he never gives up and the reason why is because the arcade version is not his style but the PSx version is more his style

Now Puyo Puyo and Super Puzzle fighter are games where randomness can screw one over fast.
As for fighting games, There are a few he never wants to fight me in again but some either have SUPER BROKEN or mixed styles that he would play..

Okay moving on because this was a bit off topic


Game making:

Now I at some point just wanted to stop and go back on the game I am working on and start making my own music.

I started testing around with things like this

and started to make use of FL Studio’s 12

As I did this I started to get the feel of this and started to test around some more.

After that I went back and slowly began to make my own music and oh and behold!

Now that I made the music for my game I later uploaded each music to youtube,
I know I could just sign up for Bandcamp or sound cloud but I’ll just do this.

Here are all the musics I made so far for my game

Title screen:

World map:

Stage 1: (This is where my music has a great change and sound)

Stage 2:

Stage 3 (Area 1):

Stage 3 (Area 2):

Stage 4:

Boss battle:

I am not done with the game and more musics will be made but I have become so proud of how these turned out,
Later I’ll work on adding more tracks to go with it since most of these are loops but for now I like what I hear….

Let’s look at something right now…
This means I am the whole package when it comes to indie games…I own and have copyrights on my own content, I can make my own games, I can make my own animations, Now I can make my own musics…If I can branch out on the market places I can rank in all the profits and stuff…
And how can I get a content ID if I made everything myself!?!

Now let’s move on.

…………..Haaaaaaa……..Mobile gaming……..

Let’ me just speed this up and not go too crazy over this…

After playing more and more Sailormoon Crystal drops and Whirlpool Touch! Puyo Puyo and looking at all the games Facebook keeps sending me and seeing the game Bejeweled Skies….I began to break

Its mostly due to my stand on levels…What I mean by levels is this.

Take something like Bejeweled format, Give you a limit of turns, Preform odd task to win, Clear nearly and endless amount of levels…I often refer to this as the KING method…Keep in mind that I do not hate KING and I may sound SUPER negative to that company…To put it simple I am not their target customer and most things I have to say I quickly can relate things to KING so others can get what I am saying…

Okay so from the Skypunks endless runner being level base like and stage by stage almost like how Sonic Runners has levels but unlike Sonic runners this game is made to keep going up and up and up till you reach an end and just play that or older levels till new ones are added but you gotta clear task….Oddly why I uninstalled this app is because I barely played it anymore but the crazy amount of levels and not just being a get in and run endless runner put me off.

Seeing how many levels Bubble Witch Saga 2 had and seeing how there is ANOTHER Candy Crush right after Soda and I just can’t take it…

Now I see the good of this since while I put in time with games like these and they do have more of a life span than a game I would play in a heartbeat like “Games with a go as far as you can” “Blitz” “Puzzle battle”.

I now taken it apon myself to stop playing games with levels in it and just play some Blitz and Zen and games I can enjoy.

Now I don’t hate mobile gaming as a hold I do have some games I still love to play and still keep up with and because I take my phone places with me more than my New Nintendo 3DS XL and the games I have can keep me busy for a bit or so and most of them are either games like this.

For some reason I can not install this app anymore…

After I removed it to clean up some space now when I install it I get this
This is the ONLY APP that does this….haaaaaaaaaa..

Witch wars Puzzles:
I can not for the life of me stop saying this but….THIS IS ONE OF THE BEST PUZZLE GAMES MADE!!

A set of chars with personalities and a fun twist on the match 3 puzzle system!

Cool attacks, No hearts or limits on how long you can play,
You can use your account to back up your data.

Freaking online play with friends or random players and daily rewards such as a 2nd player to select for a day

An endless “Go as far as you can with HP bar going down over time” and “Blitz mode”

These are some of the things that makes a good puzzle game I would play over and over mostly…
This does mean I have very high standers and is very fickle with what I like and this is why I find myself still a big fan of Puyo Puyo and Magical drop…The gameplay, The chars. the stories, The ways to play form vs to solo…I just love that in my puzzle games…

Speaking of Magical Drop…I still have the mobile version and will play that in a heart beat mostly doing the endless mode.

Lately this has been something to ease my heart since Magical Drop V on steam was a let down and broken un-working mess and I stop waiting the see this game get fixed so this is what helps fix that problem…

You know…Its been hard for me but I lately like the puzzle games with levels and how I vol to stop playing them….Seeing how Puyo puyo is becoming these KING style games…I found myself saying “If this is where Puyo puyo is heading…THAN I DON’T WANT TO BE A PART OF THIS ANYMORE”….Also giving up on Nintendo removing region lock and my chances of playing Puyo Puyo Tetris and seeing how there are no 3DS Emulators that is legit I finally began to let go…

I tried to give up hope on Puyo Puyo Tetris and even went as far to find  a puzzle game to fill the void since I was also upset about my Magical Drop V being broken my 3DS is now a haven of puzzle games I still play but I had a game that can distract me more than Puyo Puyo that I had been playing for some time and even till this day…

This game is….Puzzle and Dragons!
After I lost my mobile data I was a bit hurt (Switching from another phone) at the time they did not support Lollipop and my data was stuck in limbo….I also like Monster Strike but for a while I could play that still but like Puyo Puyo Quest and Street Fighter Puzzle Spirits and Sonic Runners….I got bored so I just stop playing but never hated them but games like those I would soon lose my data and have to start over when there is a new version of the Android app and I gotta uninstall the game and reinstall and with no way to back up or do the pass code thing I just…stopped.

What did happen is when I saw the Puzzle and Dragons 3DS games and heard they was coming to the States that something inside sparked and I waited this out by playing Pokemon Shuffle….

Okay I have a weird thing to say….I LIKE THAT GAME!…The game is pretty much everything I above and yet I like it…Maybe its how its done and I did reach an end before extra levels hit and while I later just stopped and backed up my save I had FUN with it…Unlike most of these level base mission to clear under set amount of rules games…I don’t get it but I had fun.

Now about PAD Z….
I got that game last year in May and I KID YOU NOT! I AM STILL PLAYING!
And still having fun with it…Well the Z side…The Mario side I started playing again even though I was ready to quit like 5 times since this version is more arcade like and annoying and I am just beating it to beat it since its on my cart.

I can show you proof that I am still playing.
Last night I unlocked the water dragon I had on the mobile I wanted back

Love this cute dragon and so cute….LET’S EVO!

And after that I am STILL playing, In fact I have my 3DS closed so I can type this but if I open it I am in a 3 color dungeon I been doing over and over to get money and exp and items to level blast this dragon and some other monsters I have yet to jump to level 99.

This game is a saving grace…I can’t go back to mobile even if I tired due to the rules of the Mobile like how annoying it is to level up stuff and things needed to evolve a monster and the size limit and stuff….Puyo Puyo Quest suffered from this same fate.

But like Sonic the hedgehog series I can never quit it entirely…Puyo puyo is the same way for me.
While I finally accepted that I am pretty much never going to play Puyo Puyo Tetris and after being able to play the Mobile Puyo games I did not give up all at once,
Like Magical Drop Touch after giving up on V I learned to love what I have and even Sega has done things or allowed things to happen and even made me smile.

Let’s look at Miku H. in the Project Mirai DX,
The Cryptonic company worked hard to produce Puyo content and I can play Puyo Puyo right off the back and feel happy!

While there is no endless mode and a fever endless I noticed since Puyo Puyo Tetris most Puyo games put the Fever feature away from battles and keep the game TSUU style but Fever is often a side mode or an endless mode…
I still can play DS Puyo Puyo 20th even if the 3DS Puyo Puyo 20 has 2% more stuff and  a working online but it can do everything I need still.

Sega has been placing things around and even I grew to love these.

Take Dr.Robotnik mean bean machine…I see this game like Super Mario Bros 2…Sure its a reskin of a JP game but it has a spot in our history and I guess Dr.R is what I can call US Puyo Puyo.

*Still my Miiverse picture on my profile* This was some WORK!
Even when I play Puyo Puyo 39 people would look and ask is that “Dr.Robotnik” or “Is that the game with the beans!?!” I learn to say yes and not try and teach what Puyo puyo is and just see that…This is how it is…Will most none deep gamers give a care what Doki Doki Panic is?

Having this Puyo Puyo Game gear game is a nice thing to go for a retro feel but with the Miku version….I just feel happen each time I open up Puyo Puyo 39….They don’t treat it like the Othello mini game, They treat this as a build in 2nd game even with outfits, awards, puyo items for your room, An Arle outfit that makes Miku act like Arle and a Satan (Dark Prince in US) outfit for Kaito…This is a perfect cure for my puyo blues about PPT.

So it was hard to just say screw it and stop hoping and praying the region lock would be removed, Theres other games besides Puyo Puyo Tetris I want to play on the 3DS but I just gave up hope.

Speaking of Dr.R …Sega blew me away with the fact that they pulled another trick like that!
They re-skinned Puyo Puyo Quest and send it to the states!…..That is amazing…….
But also this comes with a price…Dr.R is based around “The Adventures of Sonic the Hedgehog” and the S.S.S.S.S Squad episode for the chars….
For the Mobile game….We get….This….


Take a look at this

Now look at this

They are the same thing just reskined

Now to be fare to this…What I can see from videos this plays JUST LIKE QUEST! Even has the fever mode….

So who knows if things would change with Tetris lic. and Sega can reskin and send Puyo Puyo Tetris as its own game to the states, Since Ubi soft has the rights for the consoles and Nintendo back down I see they made Dr.Mario and gave it sooo many better features since thats their game and…stuff….

Great I am getting loopy now…I better wrap this up.

So I broke free from that hold of one type of puzzle game and I learned to move on,
I am going back to leveling up on Maplestory, I can now make my own music,
I got back to having fun with animations again.

This year things are looking good.

Fun games coming like Mighty No.9 and Shantae 1/2 Genie Hero, and soooo much more.
I am taking on more projects and not get as distracted and on some days…Just play some games and not get too sucked into animation.

Thank you for viewing this and let’s have a good year


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I am an indie game developer and web animator doing all I can to make a living out of what I love to do.

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