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Recently I been making games and animations and beta testing games also or working with others by providing sprites I made and content and here is a good example of what I been doing.

Candy Pop Shot:
This is a puzzle game I made not too long ago.
Candy Pop Shot title screen

It is a puzzle game in the bane of Zuma but has a free moment element and shoot in multi directions.

I was so happy the way this turned out that I now believe I have the format I want to make a competitive puzzle shooter but the next game you will shoot from the bottom to the top….The candy will move from left to right go down and move right to left…and keep going until they each the end point…I can at the moment pretty much compare things at the time to millipede or at best Luxor

Wait this is the perfect example but from right to left and the candy will move to a point that ends the battle but not this wide and I’ll try to add things like a junk system and like my old Fairy Angels Bubbles game.

This game will feature a cast with pun style names but this game will use names based on food and seasonings such as the main girl being name Sugar, I am planning to make a male player too name

The Fairy Angel Bubbles game can be downloaded at GameJolt

Funny thing is…I wanted this game to be a puzzle shooter but its more of a VS shooter with
puzzle game elements like Twinkle Star Sprites.

But Candy Pop Shot also can be played Online or downloaded
Candy Pop Shot title screen

Newgrounds flash version

GameJolt version

The next game I just uploaded before coming to my blog is
PrincessLuna’s Adventures

LADV Header

This game shows you a bit how my music making started to evolve over time
and Start going from abstract to having more form to it.

Like Candy Pop Shot you can play these online or offline

Newgrounds Flash version:

GameJolt version:

Outside of my games I been helping others such as this up and coming Indie game maker.
I often get asked by him if I can add my sprites to his game and results can often look like this.

I been doing many test of this game but this is the 1st build I can play with my own avatar in the game…He gave me the same image size like others but I am not sure why my sprites are so big…Not a bad thing but now Luna looks like a boss…The Sailor scouts are very too too but wow.

I also helped him test out a bomber man style game

The results of the last battle was so funny to me I went and made an animation based on what happen.

There is another game he asked to use a picture I made and he selected this one

He has been jumping from game to game after a bit and at 1st this began to annoy me but lately I just stop caring…He means good and his actions has gotten me on good terms with another indie developer I helped test out the game build even before it hit steam and even can see our user names in the “Special thanks too” page


This is often why its good to help others out…Big or small in the end it can be a really nice thing.
I still give feedback now on Steam for this game and use Youtube.

Back to games made by my hands I am almost done working on this one game that started off as a small game but I later just said screw it and set off to make this game as big as I can and this was the REAL 1st game I just had something click and just made me want to make my own music and even go as far as to delay the game and alter EVERY track and rebuild as a new game.

Before this I was using a lot of 3rd party game musics like I always have but now that I can make my own music the tables have turned!

Here is an earlier build

This game was also ment to be a kind of re introduction to a game I was working on but it failed
Lost srhine 1

Before I got this PC I am working on now making some videos would slow down gameplay so I can tell this was early since I sped it up

Even my sound editing at that time was  bad….Also on my OLD PC it was XP this one is 8.1…..God I miss using Z-Brush

Lost srhine 1luna_and_the_lost_shrine_updated_map_by_princessninjato-d6iigjo ahzo_and_jahree_by_princessninjato-d6799c0 kozku_the_renegade_by_princessninjato-d69w09gdr_rune_and_her_goons_by_princessninjato-d67n968

I really put some effort into this and plan to rebuild but the way the more updated version is going I may have to make the next game not cannon but still releated due to how it ends.

One area I been killing it at big time is the Super Mario Maker!
Super Mario Maeker
Link to my page

As you can see from the amount of stars I have I am not fishing for stars, I got some crazy
normal levels mostly Amiibo costume theme levels and a few New Super Mario Bros and Super Mario World style levels but TONS of Super Mario Bros style..hmmm STILL did not use the Super Mario Bros 3 lay out….hm….
If you are in need of something new to Super Mario Maker you can jump in on it.

One last thing before I go….
I have an account on Blade And Soul…..I did upload a LONG video of me doing the introduction but…..NC.Soft hit it with a visual content ID and I just took it down and the only thing I have is a screen shot…..Sadly after this I have yet to log in again….This is not the only MMO I have an account in besides Maplestory


I made PrincessLua a Force Master Lyn…I like what I see but I am still not that big on multi playing
MMO’s….now a regular RPG I can play a lot of…I kind of am playing a lot of RPG’s from….

gurumin a monstrous adventure
Undertale….I beaten it but I often just do hard mode
Pokemon (Main game and spin offs)
Tons of Zeldas


For MMO’s I have accounts on…
Graal Classic Online (Rarely play but show up to goof around)

TalesRunner (Still pops in)

Elsword Online (I played before I got my new PC and Maple was unplayable….I like it but have no intent to return)

Blade N Soul (As you can see above)

But I am still doing my thing on Maplestory mostly

I am about to reach level 218


About Princess1una

I am an indie game developer and web animator doing all I can to make a living out of what I love to do.

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