Powerpuff Girls 2016

If you came to hear what EVERYONE has been saying all this time….You come to the wrong place…
What I am here to talk about is a moral debate I am having with this…


When I started to see clips of this show thanks to CartoonNetwork’s youtube…I had mixed feelings,
I started to see more and started to get a feel of the comedy…This is mostly though the clips.

I later started getting more and more reviews and others flat out telling me not to watch this and even showed me the animation errors and plots that can be offensive to the LGBT community with a Unicorn and more.

The problem I am having is…

I want to like this….I want this to be good…Even as much as I know and saw and even had stuff thrown in my face…I still kind of like it but at the same time am not stupid and can see some things that make me cringe..

I mean….

Twerking is something I HATE TO DEATH!

Memes are weird….

No Megusta

So with all of this I still for some reason like this and want to support this and know others in my circle would look at me with a face…Like that above…I still wonder why!?!

Well a little digging in my own mind I think I may have this info out and may be able speak my mind and others may understand this.

When I saw this special “Power Puff Girls Rules” come out of the blue where Power Puff Girls Z was more popular it was a surprise to see and it was amazing and it came…and went…
ppg-10-villains-unite-against-the-powerpuff-girls tumblr_lg2j88webj1qd3poio1_500 Mojo_Jojo_rocks

When Dance pantsed came out.
I for one LOVED this when I saw the pictures…This art style looked SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO CUTE!
Showposter07235645767304956065 cena-do-especial-the-powerpuff-girls-special-dance-pantsed-das-meninas-superpoderosas-1402957313199_956x500 d59549601602 maxresdefault power-puff-girl-13-1064x597 power-puff-girl-15-1064x597 Special19 Ss9 x240-jgm Swag


This was amazing to me and I can see the girls was more like little girls than super heroes super happy and bouncy and this made some viewers a bit thrown off since it felt more girly than before from the reviews I saw however this was just what I needed.

Now the new reboot…I don’t hate the art style

maxresdefault (1) maxresdefault (2) Powerpuff-Girls2_640x345_acf_cropped the-powerpuff-girls-10 the-powerpuff-girls-2016-season-1-mayor-mayday-clip powerpuff-girls-revival-premiere-date-teaser

This art style really grew on me and I tend to laugh at stuff and more…
I want to keep saying to myself “You can watch youtube and other videos on your PC and make games or play games and stuff so don’t worry about TV.”

Truth is…I lost a bit of faith on Cartoon Network and Nick and I RARELY watch Disney and from what I saw or episodes sent to me I LOVE star vs the forces of evil and I began to watch Wonder over Yonder and started to laugh in a way I have not in a while but seeing what CN and Nick has been doing I lost faith so much that I began to lose hope in what Animation has become and just…Stopped….
Like Indie games filling a void many main companies left a hole in I began to watch shows on Youtube and other places watching shows and animations there and even going into things like Vines and other means of media and just stop caring about TV really….Until Sonic boom…That was a show I made an EFFORT to watch if I was up in the early mornings or youtube after hours when it was uploaded but that was a show to get me wanting to go back to my TV….This I kind of want too again like when I used to get home and watch Regular Show and Adventure Time before I just…Kind of stopped…Not that I don’t like it….I just stopped for while after I saw enough.

Adult swim I still go and watch that time by time but re-runs and new shows that look like insanity or a long plot that you gotta be in from day 1 like an anime I tend to watch it less than I did.

With so much faith lost seeing something like this I love and is one of the things that inspired me to do animations and games and made me happy my art looks the way it did and not feel bad….

The problem I fear and may be why I am trying to not give up on this and join the hate wagon….I may give up on many animations and stuff TV wise…

Let me do this to make a bit more sense of this.

I watched and liked the heroes but I never really liked Teen Titans THAT much but could enjoy it so with GO! I at 1st was liking it and I can still watch that as a comedy but a side of my brain is like “Why would you do that!?!….These songs and dancing are just so stupid!” Yet I understand its not the old version I get remakes or reboots and can accept that….A bit too much…I do have on my other side of the brain thinking “Why can’t we get the older series” yet I understand things like this may reach a different type of viewers

This PPG 2016 its clear to see its more for todays kids with the tends and I-phones and memes and made to sell toys.

I get that and I understand this is why companies have too or will do this.

Its like those Match 3 Puzzle games.

They are something that nearly made me lose all hope in puzzle games since nearly EVERY ONE is the King method “Bejeweled or Puzzle Bobble or some rarely used puzzle system” Limit the amount of moves, Nearly endless amounts of levels and 3 stars….Post to facebook and media…Boosters needed to win levels later…

Seeing how EVERY game does this…It drove me  a bit insane with rage but there has been some hope but for this show…I don’t think there is a saving grace that I can fall back on….

Seeing other CN cartoons getting rebooted into something ugh…Or just stop getting used….
Seeing this happen to PPG may be the final straw that breaks the camel’s back and I don’t want to see that happen….

I love the Power Puff Girls and I can accept new things to a degree but my faith and happiness is starting to fade and I don’t wanna let that go.


That is what I am pretty much at when it come to this show.
I wanted a show like this, I am happy there is a dhow like this, I am happy…
But…I don’t want it too fail….

Sorry I know I am going in circles and getting a bit loopy…I just wanted to get this out there.


I pray things get better….
I can’t keep relying on Anime to get the joy and viewing pleasure I kind of need…
I don’t really re watch animes even the 12 episode one for some reason…Once I am done I just go on….DBZ is one I went back too to a degree but I watched with friends and family getting into it and a few magical girl animes but just on my own accord going back to one…I just dont…
Even something that is made like a CN cartoon like Panty and Stocking and a almost plotless series like Space Dandy…I could re watch them as something at random but I just….Don’t….

I can watch Re-Runs but if this show fails I would not come back too it…I wanna watch at times the new PPG and like it…


I guess I am done here…



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