Update on my blog

Its been some time since I done something here…

I wanted to do something Maplestory Releated when I reach level 220

I hit 219 already.

Soooo….When it comes to what the heck I been doing besides Maplestory….

I took time out to beat and play some of my games or get near the end of them such as Rodea the Sky Solider Wii version, Onepiece Unlimited world Red, and more.

As for Maplestory I am still getting things done and making videos more and keeping people updated.

The top Maple Bloggers and youtube channels already covered this but…..JOB 5!!!

This sums up how I felt about the new skill for my AB


Oh looking at info about Job 5 I learned that using Maple Warrior and others related…Those beings over you are goddess.
*Source: OrangeMushroom Blog*

Hmmmm?…So the one Kaiser has is a goddess….But…If the Nova world have a goddess that looks like that….What is this than!?!


Another goddess?
We already got Eskalade and even Rhinne and the Zeros oh and that mountain God so multi gods and goddess can happen so is this another goddess?
Maybe this is what was protecting everything in the cube that Tear touches and is why she has some overly super powered….Power….Ah well….

Things are still happening and sorry if my blog is not as active as much,
I am still around and I am still doing things

Also its good to go out and see the world



About Princess1una

I am an indie game developer and web animator doing all I can to make a living out of what I love to do.

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