Maplestory Princess1una Reaching level 220

Sooo sorry I did not do this right when it happen but I reached level 220.
This makes me the TOP Angelic buster in Khaini….Bera is another bag of worms….
Well to be honest I met a not less active but pretty active Angelic Buster from Bera who got a level after we trained in the same map and now she is 221, There are other higher level Bera busters but this one is playing at the moment also I see a Reboot world Buster is 219 so there are some busters around and to be honest this takes the stress off and I don’t have to feel like I gotta rush to be the 1st AB in history to hit level 250….Even if I am not the 1st I will be the 1st in Khaini.

Well sorry for rambling here is the video





So….Time to push forward and stuff,
I am getting faster and now those level 222 Recycle droids are getting killed with like 2 hits if my soul seekers are triggered as I use Primal Roar skill so that is good….The faster they die the faster I get exp and stuff.

I guess….That’s it…Well I’ll leave you all with this silly video


About Princess1una

I am an indie game developer and web animator doing all I can to make a living out of what I love to do.

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