An update for today

Sooooooooooooooooooo when I got nothing to say this blog really goes to hell huh?

Soooo here is what I been up too lately.


Making 3D stuff….Getting better at it.

I can emulate PSP now….Some games…just jack up my AMD graphic driver but some games work well.

Yup…Gotta get my obscure puzzle game kick going…Geez this game looks sooo amazing!
I mean look at the arcade version

That is a HUGE Jump!

I been also playing more Pokemon Super Mystery Dungeon on my crazy conquest to save the world.

Early on the video quality was booty but now that I can record my New 3DS XL with my old cobalt 3DS and fit the screen right in Camtaisa a side from the kind of bright look….My 3DS videos look AMAZING!

I also am still in the middle of doing a let’s play of Magic Knights of RayEarth…While this pokemon set of videos I been doing are more….Before boss….boss…after boss…I don’t really see this as a let’s play but more of a constant update on whats been going on since I started doing this since the 1st boss….I say this because I kind of lost my mind and gave up on making let’s plays…I like doing them but the rendering time and uploads and stuff drove me madd…..sooooo I just stuck to one main let’s play and that is MKORE


This is not the only RPG I been playing mostly games on Steam but I still keep people updated.

As for Maplestory…Still doing stuff just not as much videos but I am still doing my thing at my own speed.

I got a cool chair

I also can now beat Madman Ranmaru

For whats new….
I am kind of still playing Sonic Boom Fire and Ice…I beat the story but there is TONS to unlock.

I am 100% sure this is the Boom version of Emerl
The colors are almost the same…I won’t give any spoilers

Okay let me slow down on the pic posting and give some feed back…..
This game is WAY better than Shattered Crystal….Sadly there is still no online time attack leader boards but you can still just post the screen shot to the miiverse but at lease there is now 2 player racing and you can race eggman’s bots if you want to play 1 player mode,
Racing is 3 laps and you stick to simple sonic controls with the fire and ice effect and air dash,
Baby steps…Maybe if Sonic Boom still exist as an otherworldly Sonic game maybe we can get Online race and leader boards but for what we got….Not bad…Not bad at all.

All the cutsceens are voice acted and there is a lot of stuff showing what is to come in season 2 so this game has a lot.

While many may say the locations are bland and stuff…..Not really.

This game has some crazy locations from a Gothic garden to this castle like setting and the music varys but I like many of them.

So its worth it if you want an other worldly Sonic game like how the Story book games are….This is a good game to play for time and time.


So I am still doing stuff but I just did not have much to blog about but I’ll still be here and I’ll still have updates time by time


About Princess1una

I am an indie game developer and web animator doing all I can to make a living out of what I love to do.

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