Videos games I made recently

So I was bitten by the game making bug again and I started making things.

Let’s start with a bit one.

PrincessLuna’s Outer Realm Venture

This is an RPGMaker MV game using what the game has to offer and the
char. generator and build a full on action RPG game which started as test
to see how far I can go and while I had to re work on the game OVER AND
OVER and sooo many failures the game did end up 100% thanks to testers
who updated me on what they found and I was quick to fix it and also the
gamers who put up with all the updates and re-uploads.

Link to the game:


Let’s get to the story with some very silly art.

luna siluna
Luna and Siluna are summon out of SkyRealm and was given a new form to
exist in this reality thanks to a common fairy.
luna-2 siluna-2 aura
Now they are out to stop an evil prince from…Oddly NOT taking over the world…Just killing fairies and beastmen.

Prince Shadow Jewel-Dark Elf


He saw that if he crystalized the great fairies he would gain godly powers but his seer
saw he will meet his end to a great fairy they can’t figure out who she is or where she
came from.
Shadow Seer- Dark elf seer


Shadow seer is a bit smug but is very loyal to the Shadow jewel Prince and will even fight for him even if she is not the fighting type.
Ash the tactician


Ash is that typical smart guy who is also quick to leave others to do his bidding and even do the shiny glasses thing.
He made genetic beings called “Side projects” and while he relies on his allies to do things,
He has powers and can be crafty.
Windia the dancing elf


Windia is a dancer who loves to show off her beauty and cast all kinds of spells when she dances.
Its at the point when Luna meets her…Luna begins to break out of common game rules and SMACKS HER IN THE FACE!

This picture was kind of old and I some how made her dress kind of like
Hilla from Maplestory….To a degree

Xia the fire elf mage


Xia is a mage who has the power to wipe an entire race away with a single blast and is a bit
quick to get mad at Ash but has never attacked him showing that she has great control over
her power.
Mystia: The human of the stars


Mystia has the powers to foresee things using the stars and even cast powerful spells
showing that she can stick with her teammates who are elves.
She is REALLY annoyed with Ash.

Keep in mind the art work is NOTHING like how they look in game


Okay let’s move on because I had a blog about this game alone but due to so many problems I took the post down….Making use of the stuff I uploaded.


Next game!


PrincessLuna and the Jungle shrine

Link to the game:

This update was before I started making my own music for most of my games

Okay I am not sure if I even posted this or if I have but I am going to post it here to be safe.
This game….Hooo boy…It was something I stopped working on and would come back to over time…Even when I found the voice for Luna this game still had her old voice.

Its a simple flying adventure game where many issues did come out due to adding and removing and some features just did not work and trying to fix them almost broke the game and even resulted in the boss attack mode being broken that I put an NPC in the boss attack menu saying “Sorry…Thanks for playing”

Bad things happen to me a lot….

Wake up quest

Link to the game:
Link to the flash:
This game is as simple as it gets….
This game is pretty much Super Mario Bros with out power ups…
It is based on a series of day dreams I had about a way I looked in a dream and I made game where I am just trying to wake up….That’s it.

Pumpkin Mania

This was going to be a last second Halloween game but since I was still working on it after words I set out to make it regular block ball puzzle game.

These games that star Princess Deedee instead of Luna are often called Acorn wars but this time
Deedee’s new rival Princess Pumpkin took over and even changed the name of the game to annoy
the crap out of Deedee

I may have to make games dealing with Acorns and Pumpkins.

The game itself is simple as you can get…
Bounce the ball, Don’t drop it, Pick up power ups, Clear all breakable objects….Move on.

Link to the flash version:
Link to the game:


PrincessLuna and the fall of acorns.

This is a game I started early like Jungle shrine and took time to revisit.

This game was going to be my last big game for Newgrounds as I would focus on GameJolt! But make
games for Newgrounds that was smaller and not as on a grand scale…

Like most of my luck….SOMETHING BAD HAPPEN!

I think it had something to do with the auto scrolling boss battle…
So its a .exe and I have to do something else…The beta uploaded as a demo is playble online
but the main game is done and after a few play test and features the game is done.

Link to the flash [DEMO]
Link to the game:

Well that is it for now.
If you like to browse the other games I made.
You can check my game pages



My main website….You be surprised how many games I have on there
*May take some time to load the background and many flash and embeds*


My Super Mario Maker levels

My freaking old Sploder page

That is about it….Thank you for viewing.


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I am an indie game developer and web animator doing all I can to make a living out of what I love to do.

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