1st blog for 2017

Soooo let’s get up to speed.

Maplestory has gotten me excited again with the V update


I been having a LOT of luck lately and just trying to find Nodestones and often Arcane symbols I tend to get so much exp I found myself leveling like crazy again!



A side from mapling again and having tons of daily quest and doing the Hungry Muto PQ with buddies since I SUCK at doing it myself

I been playing other games still doing let’s plays and still training pokemon to level 100 on my Moon Version while and tons of wii u to 3DS stuff even finishing up Shantae Half Genie Hero.

While I won’t barrage you with video thumbnails I’ll keep it mostly on Maplestory for now.

I manage to defeat the inferno wolf

wolf-1 wolf-2 wolf-3 wolf-4

Of course I gotta thank the many players who gotten the HP down to the point I can come in an just wreck the boss because now that I got Erda Nova….I been having a bit tooooo much fun with binding bosses.

in the video info I said I should test this on the Pinkbean….Ooooh boy did I ever….This was the end results

I am loving these Arcane symbols and boosters.
Catching the Pinkbean was icing on the cake

Its odd that even now I still love this little bean boss and stuff…I am not as crazy as I used to be in my Bishop days…Infact I appear to adopted an Empress Cygnus look theme.
I even deiced when we get the update for Angelic Busters to wear full NX when transformed I will make my Tear side wear my Zero set to mostly hover and wear the lil Neon wings and my Buster form will wear full Empress gear to look regal when transforming.

Sooo let’s warp this up.

I recently watched the Nintendo Switch Presentation


While there are soooooooooooooooooooo many things making me ready to jump shift
I saw something speed by that once gamexplain uploaded the video I took a snapshot to see if what I saw was not me going crazy…I found it and I am not going crazy LOOK!


OMG THANK YOU SEGA!…If this is coming than that could mean the 3DS Puyo Puyo Chronicles may be coming too!!!

There was clues leading to this when some fully translated trophies and steam achive’s was found so this just makes it better!

As many readers of my blogs saw…Not being able to finish importing and getting in the story and following this series kind of wrecked my mood…
Well let me explain it better.

What killed my mood and messed with my mind was waiting on the removal of region lock and having Nintendo tease and even say they need to remove it…They dropped it and I felt crushed that my hopes was so high that so many games I would love to play not just puyo was now…..gone….It left some crazy void where I would oddly try other games out and this lead me to gain the odd title Puzzle game Empress as I would jump from mobile to PV to indie to dojin and play a mess of games even some I would buy or get as a gift on Steam did lead me to learn what I like and try new things and overall have fun but I would find myself going back to the Puyo games that DID come out ranging from

Hatsume Miku Project Mirai DX
miku-0 miku-1 miku-2 miku-3 miku-4 miku-5

The music and the Fever and 15th/7/20th gravity and style keeps me coming back for more.
I also have the Arcade version of Puyo Puyo 2 thanks to the sega arcade classic which blew my mind…I do have it on wii mode as a Sega genesis game but that one has horrible audio and the voice samples are annoyingly full of crackles so this version made me really happy but I tend to play Puyo Puyo 39 more.

puyo-puyo-tsuu-1 puyo-puyo-tsuu-2 puyo-puyo-tsuu-4 puyo-puyo-tsuu-5 puyo-puyo-tsuu-6 puyo-puyo-tsuu-7 puyo-puyo-tsuu-8

A side from not being able to play the newer versions and having to play revised classics…I was pretty good but still would see if there was any hope and BOOM IT HAPPEN!

Also other puzzle game DID manage to distract me and keep my mind off of puyo to the point one I tend to play little by little since I can get EASILY HOOKED back on it

That game is Puzzle and Dragons Z….That too has a bit of a sad story since I have no clue if the X versions will come to the west but as long as I been playing PADZ and STILL even right now can get some excitement out of it and just overall have fun with it…That is a good thing.

I tend to do score attacks

Also for some twisted reason I ended up playing A LOT of Puzzle League and even Animal Crossing New Leaf manage to get some extra gameplay out of me for a while but I tend to just now play my other two PL games on my 3DS since I am bored and taking a break from Animal Crossing New Leaf


I went the whole nine yards unlocking the full “Lip the flower fairy” set even the Lip’s stick we use in Smash bros a lot as a hold item.


The wig matches your current hair color and since I have pink hair…Pink wig



Well the one good thing is…I finally get to close the void and get some closure and you all won’t have to worry about a barrage of puyo banter.


Thank you for viewing and have a nice day and this is few days late but….Happy new year!



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I am an indie game developer and web animator doing all I can to make a living out of what I love to do.

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