Random post for the sake of random

Geez I been away from my blog for a while…
I need to keep this thing updated.

Soooo here is what’s going on lately.

Making a Valentines day cartoon

I’m planning another one…If you are wondering why I am doing a Valentines day cartoon in JAN…..Well I wanna start early so I can have it on the ready.

I been checking out Homestuck

I’m doing this mostly to understand the in jokes and see what Toby Fox did on it when he was on board besides just the music and maybe I would have a better understanding if I learn this and jump on HiveSwap when that comes out later in time.

I been working on my game Acorn Wars….A project I had on hold but pretty much made a lot of music for and really went all out on the music.
Many of them appear on some of animations that use my own music.


Its going to be a free moving shoot em up.

I am also still doing my ventures on Pokemon Super Dungeon

I am still going though the post game content but for some reason I keep going back to Pokemon Moon and training my current Pokemon to level 100..Maybe after my Shiiontic

I am going to get my 3 Tapu’s to 100….
tapu_fini_sprite_by_profkrd-dami7zg tapu_koko_anime tapu-lele-image

…I did not get Bulu…At one point I was planning to get EVERY fairy type and also ghost types but some where along the line I just stopped…I got standards…
Sooooooo after they get to 100…OR I breed my Raichu and see if I can get a Pikachu to get an Alola Raichu


….Yeah I should get this before training 3 legendary pokemon to 100…
I do have 5 Pick up’s so getting rare candies will come sooner or later but I better start off with this before I go big…

Maybe after I get EVERYTHING I have to 100 I will feel less compelled to grind everything to 100 and before I do the Battle Tree and Battle Royal I can focus on Super Dungeon.


I shown this before I think but….
I am level 225 on Maplestory

If I already shown this…Well I am already near 226
acrd1 acrd2 symbol-1 symbol-2

Also I been finding items during 2x weekends

Given that I been juggling RPG’s and Let’s plays I think I am going to adjust my games and start with one and finish one game at a time.

I will finish what I started….

Magic Knight Rayearth!sat_magic_knight_rayearth


Hmmm that’s where I am right now…This dungeon that is on fire….I need to beat that boss.


Sooo there we go…Things are updated.


About Princess1una

I am an indie game developer and web animator doing all I can to make a living out of what I love to do.

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