Freedom Planet 2 DEMO Review

Okay so Freedom Planet 2 Demo is out now!



What amazed me at the start is that this game is made with Unity not Fusion…God I need to learn how to use Unity…I have it but can’t do jack with it….


Well this game we can play as 4 players….Let’s take a look at them.



Okay so now she looks less like Sonic and has an elegant outfit good for fighting and running and looking cool.



Okay one of the 1st things I noticed about Lilac is that unlike in the 1st game…You do not
lose SP when you are using cyclone….OMG YES!

In part 1 you had to balance your SP spinning that can delay your dragon boost attack….LOVE IT!

Dragon boost now has a cancel effect that also makes an energy star so that is good and useful

I will say this…This game plays more advance than the 1st but still has a bit of a Sonic feel but yet it feels like it something else…Can’t put my finger on it but I do love the zoom outs and also the classic
sonic style run animations with high speeds and loops are still present.

The music so far is very top notch and while the boss battle was more heavy metal’ish I did enjoy it.
I also like that parts of it sounded like the 1st games boss theme.


Speaking of bosses…This game does not play around!
Or maybe I am just a huge meat shield since I barely block and often get right in enemies faces but for a stage one boss…This was a work out…Depending on who I use.
Lilac is still my best player overall but I’ll get into the others and how I feel about them.



Carol is MUCH better this time and I had more fun with her than I did in the 1st one even with out her bike but I do have one gripe….The jump disc…You can remove your bike and turn it into a weapon and I was only able to throw it and turn it back into a bike ONCE…Never again no matter how many times I tired….Let me get to showing as I explain.

So the controls are such the same where you can roll and slash and fight a bit better this time and
more ways to slash.

Replacing her Chung Li kick she can now kick this disc and zip to it when it is spinning also to get some air.
It also reminds me Sonic Battle where Sonic can toss a ring and say “Here I come” and pressing the button again causes sonic to homing attack to it no matter where it is…This is like that.
Also I get a bit of a chuckle since it also reminds me of the Soul Seeker skill on Maplestory.

Now Carol has a spinning feet run animation now and also she is doing the ninja pose.


OH! Let me also bring this to light!
The shields have ALL been replaced but have the same effects.
Now they take the form of a fairy ball that looks like Navi the fairy and many Zelda Fairy Orbs

I’ll take a fairy friend ANYTIME! They do break R-E-A-L-L-Y fast so be careful not to lose them.
So far I only saw green and yellow to attract gems and peddles to you.


I love the bike more in this game, Using it as you jump has a better flip effect that has a wide hit rate to much better…BE SURE TO PRESS THE BLOCK BUTTON TO DASH!
Pressing the disc button like you would in the 1st game….OOoo boy….


And there it goes…Used as a high powered weapon and can be mounted again but I do not know for the life of me how too…I was dashing into it over and over to have some ODD results.

Result 1…Getting stuck in the ground

Results 2….Kicking the disc and sliding across the screen and being stuck in the air and jumping caused me to fall to the bottom of the screen and die…

Know what? I am going to do you one better!
Here is some footage.

Now I have it set to unlisted but its going to be on the blog…No clue why I did that but you can see it here and yadda yadda..

Well to show you still have your bike you will have a wheel icon next to your life.
I will say that Carol is good at bossing better too, I had fun.



Or Milla the hound

I do love her cute Crane combo but I BARELY use this but its nice that she can fight fully now.

If you are expecting Milla to be all grown up and super cool seeing that pose below…

Where would the fun be in that?
She is still the cute puppy we all know and love but cooler…And cuter!

Okay the air time she has is AMAZING! No longer in the manner of Yoshi’s flutter jump Milla can now take to the sky higher and does a cute puppy run this time…Milla has some of the best animations and poses.


Oh also Milla now has an air attack that is useful too!

Now her energy poke that reminds me of Klonoa’s ring grab but as an attack and shield you can hold out and aim in more directions in the 1st game but…


Instead of holding a button to make a phantom cube appear in your hand and move around like a mixture of Peach from Super Mario Bros 2/Klonoa holding a Moo or a Moo cube…Instead!
You press the block button for other players and you do a spin and this cube starts to follow you.



This cube can instantly allow you to do the rectangle push like in the 1st game…

But this blew my mind away…Pressing the shield button instead of holding it while you have your cube behind you….YOU CAN SHOOT!


Also you can aim your shots too!

One time on a rope I some how as able to make it turn into a small rectangle but I could not re-create that…I just jumped away from the fire near the wall and the cube shaped shifted to this.

milla-gp-8 milla-gp-9

I do have some footage of it that is able to be viewed here but unlisted on Youtube

Just odd….Nothing wrong but its just a little thing that happen.

Well back to the review.
Milla still has her all fours run animation

I found myself boosting backwards to push myself forward and man she runs faster omg she is a lot of fun and umm…The ONE downside I have with Milla is…Bossing with her is not easy for me using her….I gotta get used to this format but she was having a crazy time fighting this boss.


Saying that…I still crushed that boss…I will it work for me!

Also holding down for a few seconds makes Milla do the cutest thing!
milla-gp-12 milla-gp-13
Awww…She is a super dog!

Also clearing the stage she does a cute bark








Neera was a boss and a major member of the story in the 1st game and now she is playable.
She still has a edge and yet some grace…I think its safe to say she has the edge of Shadow the hedgehog yet the grace of Blaze the cat but in a icy style.

Now I am not saying this in a hateful way, I do like playing with her but she the one I would pick last.

Let’s look into this new player.

Now right off the back I LOVE her run animation…Skating with ice that appears as moves with grace along the stage is just amazing! Also instead of a silly woops animation when you hit a point where you go from left to right or vise versa she instead performs a spin.


Now the one thing I think that bugs me about her that I did still get around is…Her double jump and kind of lack of air time…I think thats the one thing that feels a bit under powered about her since Carol can climb walls.

Her attacks are a bit weird for me for boss battles but she does feel a bit easier to use in boss battles than Milla

Now a side from a spear spin and air twirl she can shoot easier than Milla

You are planted to the ground or shoot as you fall so its…Very one directional.
I do like Milla’s cube blaster more but this is still cool.

Also she can slam her weapon to do this cool attack


Overall she is fun but the way I play games like this…A side from skating like I was using Ice Kirby and never letting go of the dash button….I see her as a last pick.


This made bossing this thing sooo much fun!
I have yet to manage to use her “FREEZE” attack well.

Overall the demo alone feels like a very fun game to play again and again but I do like that its not the same as the 1st that I can still go back to Freedom Planet 1 and not be like “UGH IT DON’T FEEL THE SAME” or something and yet with Torqe and Spade on part 1…Still waiting for Spade but they alone also make FP 1 its own stand alone game worth come back too.


Thank you for viewing this and I thank Galaxytrail for making such a fun demo to try out and god speed!


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