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Maxing scores in puzzle games

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I deiced to max the all clears and boy was that a doosey

I had updates along the way

I ended up hitting 999 All clears and THANK GOD It did not roll over to 1000

It was a trip…Took some days since I could pause and close my 3DS and get on with life but one screw up could mess things up since there was no save feature



Soooooooooo Maxing a score in puzzle games….It’s something I am prone to doing.

What makes this more exciting is the fact I did it this time with no save features…Unless I pause and close the 3DS ¬†but one fail and it was over and I ended up maxing the score in my Puyo Puyo 20th game

It started with reaching level 99 and getting ready to max my amount of puyo’s cleared

I kept going and going and going and with sheer force and will I was able to do it!

With being spoiled with VC games with restore points and stuff  going back to a cart and system and playing until you win or lose is a good feeling!

The ONLY other game I have that I can save midway and resume is my Bust-A-Move 3DS game.

I always get too fancy and crash but this is a game I should try and reach the max level on.

Some games its not easy even with restore points like Pac-Attack, Yoshi, I never tired games I can do this with outside of puzzle like Kirby Pinball Land or something…

Tetris….Errr god…I keep trying on Axis…With Puyo there is a bit of breathing room and I don’t have to always force spin to get a few seconds to think so when the game goes psycho speed but Tetris….Pieces don’t fall fast they just phase into existence so its crazy.

I wonder how far you one can get in Mr.Driller on endless with items on

Well one big win after another I’ll leave things here.