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MapleStory Goo Island with Princess1una

So here’s what I can only describe as….
That time I got transformed into a Goo.

I love this sense of humor and the Mapler by this time should know this is going to happen, They even know when the are about to be warped without warning in some quest lines.
Welcome to MapleStory, Your char will get hit and knocked down and have TONS of stuff happen to them….And come up standing….So back to this.

I gave the ruins Party Quest a go and while the footage I had stopped after room 1, We did manage to win but I felt like I was…..just there for party space.

One cool thing I notice is these are cross sever, In the chat you see what sever you are on,
Neat I got to play with people outside my world.

Here’s the video:

It kind of ends on a downer note but don’t worry I’m not quitting, I am mostly in for the fairy bros golden give away while also getting ready for that Pink bean mobile house event, I already have one but if I want the flying pink bean mount costume.

There’s more too but anything to keep me motivated….I love Maple just…errr….Let’s not get on a downer note

The 3rd house on the right

That is a YES for me!!!

Also for the Fairy Bros, This is what I want

Lucid is awesome and a pixel version is too cute

Soo thank you for reading, I need some sleep