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Genshin Impact PrincessLuna vs Raiden part 1

I finally got back to the archon story quest

Everything started out pretty good, We learn about the plot and its amazing what your chars do outside of game play, Elector teleporting, Making giant beam swords and got Childe surfing on a waterfall and Diluc using his vision to shoot fire out to torment an Abyss mage and heck….
Look at Fishcal on Honkai impact

She is just flying in the air with Oz.

Soooo I see an Electro Archon and my mind goes “LET’S USE KLEE”

Either she was VERY BULKY to stop the people with busted chars and op artifacts…..But I legit felt weak…..But we survived to the scripted lost happen.

Thoma thank you….THANK…YOU….And now….once again…. We are on the run again.

Its about this point we saved a guy and met with a dog boy and we had to do battles and when I say “Do battles” I meant Klee and Jumpy Dumpty wrecked them till the commander got so mad she pulled a “SCEW THE RULES” and the fight began until Mermaid Princess came from the sky with the power of bubbles and…..”Wow I really typed that and ment it” Well we are on the next act.

So far a lot has not happen to have me snapshot but Teppie was being a friend rival and as we was facing ronins and I later went off the beaten path to get items and chest.

We learn that Teppie and others are getting sick and this is due to them having accelerated aging and this is due to an unknown helper giving everyone tools…..They are Fatui Delusions…..That’s a bad thing

Sadly I had food posion and had to sleep it off and had to stop before we confront Teppie soooo that is why this is part 1 and I’ll do the next antoher time.