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Another Genshin Impact out of context blog

This was going to be the next part of the story I did last time but all those screenshots and how long the story went made me just not want to do that….

I took some photo’s with my phone when this mess was happening

I finally got to do battle with this annoying woman

The 1st phase of the battle was easy cuz of Klee mostly.


This was an intense yet fun boss battle….After the battle tho….


Now defeated she lose her mind and the Raiden Shogun comes up to her and as La Signora is at the point of trying to use her immunity to talk jack….Raiden hit her wit this.

She is DEAD!!!

I got her crown and everything, Raiden said we can leave and what happen next was what I can only describe is….

Auto walking and a few QTE’s to clear your head as Paimon is not helping with how we just watch a God just thanos blast a big bad into dust when we had to do a 2 phase battle.

She lies and her eye of judgement shows up and we almost die again and go back in the realm inside her and it was time for round 2…Like before we was not really doing damage and after our skills was sealed……

Some will say “The power of friendship” but after playing Undertale and A Hat in time….
We had one of those moments

Everyone’s visions and hopes and desires and ambitions lit up and gave us the power to fight with stars and stuff

Like “A hat in time” we had regen and powered up so we can now fight and I was able to get this crappy photo as the battle was ending but it was moving.

I know I said ” SPOILER WARNING ” above but I’ll leave the whole Ei thing in the air and leave stuff out of context and order and move on.

Well I finished the Inazuma Archon quest lines and still have some world quest but it was ride, I should do these time by time, I still have other quest I should just ball park.

I swear the Genshin Impact X Honkai event was well timed cuz both have a Yae and Raiden and both took place in a Japan looking setting and had a lot of lighting and now looking at Inazuma….I can see this may have been big brain planned.

Also Raiden Shogun or Baal or Ei…..Can’t cook……idk why but its rooted in the game and memes butthis Raiden can.


Awwwww Chibi’s are just the best thing ever,
When I am down cute things like this make me feel better.

Is that the macarena? Okay this is getting too cute.

Ty to the uploaders of these gifs I used for examples.

That’s about it….The story took a dark turn and went all over the place but was a wild ride.