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The adventure of Spark Knight Klee

This is a funny one, I was doing this quest line “Who is the strongest in Mondstadt” and this little line came up

I knew this guy was talking about Klee and found it amusing but when I went to the knights hall things took a silly turn.

After hearing about an Abyss mage in the area and we should deal with it, Leaving out we bump into Klee…..Heh, That motto she quotes a lot when she is idle…Kaeya wrote it???

Kaeya’s awesome!

Soooo back to the story at hand.

I’ve been a Klee main for YEARS and this quest that I am now regretting not doing makes me adore her more, She is toooo cute and sweet….Also PrincessLuna and Paimon can speak with their minds.

Sooo now we are going to find her lost treasure

I wanted to screenshot but the audio played but no text was there but Klee said “I’m happy to have a big sister” I found that to be sooo cute.

That’s one of Klee’s bombs……We better get that guy and fight waves of monsters before he flee……again….I messed up the 1st time…..

OMG SHE IS TOOO CUTE!! She wants to pet the Abyss mage and even gave him a cute nickname

Awwwwwww I love these gifs

Sooo this domain I allowed Klee to do the fighting and if she needed healing I’ll use Diona and Sayu’s healing skills.

This dungeon was short and simple and made use of Klee’s power…What happen next is….Well….Omg….

He just….Blew up…Dang that was one powerful bomb!

Its always funny when you can play as the story char

Jean is like “This is getting out of hand! Now there are two of them!!!!”

Back to the story at hand

Even when she stop the bad guy she is too pure, Good thing we stepped in to clear her name….OMG SHE’S DOING THE DANCE!

Awww too cute!

And all’s well that ends well, What a fun cute story with….wait…

That’s another reason why Iove Klee, She is an elf and we all know fae’s are not always the cute and whimsical little spirits….Klee is a little trouble maker eheheheeheh….

Let’s check on her.

Ummmm….Jean..I’m TOTALLY not going to use my power to be Klee and trick the guard to let her out…..eehheehehhheee

Making magical bombs is her power and nothing is going to stop her!

Oh she knows….The guard right there heard the whole thing.

There is a story quest I can do with the 3 key system and having 5 stars unlocked and stuff but if I did this WAY earlier I would have been able to do the 1st half of the Golden Apple event with the story of the Dodo king but I was still able to go later but I had to finish these quest to have Klee introduced in the story.

This blog took way longer to make but I am glad it turned out so well, I need some sleep.