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Twinkle Star Sprites

With the power of ports and retro revivals I been enjoying crazy fun/cute games lately and one game I just can not get enough of is “Twinkle Star Sprites”

Twinkle Star Sprites is a hybrid of a top down vertical shooter and competitive puzzle game.
This game oozes shoujo goodness!

Its like Sailormoon!

Spunky anime tropes, Silly attacks, Fast pace action.
This is a game I can always come back to and be happy with.
I play the Steam version mostly and its gotten to the point that I now find myself playing on Insane mode an doing crazy things like beating the entire game with no game overs

The crazy thing is that the SNK ARS build is the version you see the most but I can without a any regrets say that the “SEGA SATURN VERSION” Is the best version…Sadly the only Emulator I got to work had graphical issues but what this version does alone is why I think that is the best one.

1st…Anime FMV opening


Sweet lord this girl is so fun to use, She is not over powered but you can tell she was an EX.Char
Her bombs hone in on targets and cause a big explosion and her special attack has panda’s crawling on the side of the playing field and dive down on you.

Her bomb attack has her wearing costumes while the principal gets in on things.

Thank you Hardcore Gaming 101 for those screenshots

3rd: As you can see in the videos above and screenshots

Shadows…Visual effects on the levels, Each player has new art work done, You see magic trails or effects when one moves such as the dark lord on the left, When moving left and right you can see an afterimage moving with him.

When you win with a special attack and or boss attack the screen does this sparkling effect that is very over the top and fun to know when you landed the hit.

You can select everyone without having to enter a code in char/vs mode, The center of the screen looks nicer…One big thing I like is with the player Macky

Only in this version will you fine her partner flying behind her on her teddy bear, Pressing the bomb button will still cause the giant teddy bear to rush pass but now her partner is not on it and the charge attack is not affected by this either.

On the other versions she will be on the back of the teddy but never seen flying behind her….I like stuff like that.

The new ending credits is nice too since its more detailed and artsy and even Meirin appears in it a lot.


Haaa….I am getting all into the SS and Merin…..Its the same way I feel about Magical Drop 3 where the playstation version is like…THE BEST VERSION…Also the Sega Saturn but like TSS you will keep getting the arcade version….Well….The Arcade releases of Magical Drop 2 and 3 on Switch allows you to play the JP version and all its glory and while its not the direct version of the PS1, Many PS1 elements came form the JP version so I can let that slide…….Just wish this SS version would get updated.

Oddly the Arcade version can be played on the SS version

Its right there in the opening but you gotta unlock it in the 2nd game….Wait second game?
YES! There is indeed a 2nd story….But before we touch on that….
The dreamcast version is more of the Arcade version with more options and gameplay settings and a more compress sound but….SS wins.

Twinkle Star Sprites Gaiden

…….This one hurts…….I knew about this but don’t know if I’ll ever get a way to play it even with archival websites and java emulators…I think this is a pipe dream….

There is a user who uploaded a run of this game



Okay 2nd game

Twinkle Star Sprites La Petite Princesse

Looking at this games style and what people have stated about it,
This appears to be a way to rival Puyo Pop Fever 1 and 2….Even I can see a…Style…errr….About the game….

While this game has more players, A good amount of them are pretty much clones and re-skins of TSS1 chars. But about the game?

The game is now in 3D and while there are a few new places, Many stages from part 1 are here and in 3D and have their themes remixed.

While this is just wishful thinking but I kind of wish they did the shadows under the players and cool little visuals, One cool thing is when the player or cpu loses they fly up to the top of the screen flipping in a silly way.

Sadly no sparkling effects like in the SS version.
Now I will give this game a lot of credit about the story…And from what I can gather from wikis and comments since I am still at 92.11% sure of everything but the story is pretty much done in funny moments and some change depending on the stage and they are voiced acted.

One thing that got weird at the end and I can’t find much info on this….The new girl Time Buttermitt….
I don’t even ask anymore….After the 1st game I gotten a custom to names like “Load Ran, Queen Memory” So having a girl name Time…..Why not?

All is okay with this girl till the end of her story where this starts to happen

She just starts having ears on her head as the star distortion is happening after you beat the last boss and Ran shows up who she wanted to meet and she is in her Sprite form and helps and when she becomes normal…Time….

Thats a tail….Your face…What are you?

And she becomes this cute little thing and flies away on Dogmog…..And I am just like “WHAT JUST HAPPEN!?!”

Game play wise….Same game but I won’t fault the game due to how the emulator has some odd ups and downs but even other videos from direct capture from system and capture card….Its a bit slower and more stable and not as manic but still packs a punch in some levels.

This game putting the AI. on the hardest is almost impossible to win, I found myself on the 1st stage praying the cpu just die to death by mistake, No matter what I did…The Ai was just on super unbeatable…I often put it on default normal.

I found myself using the last boss Mikoto

A side from Meirin, In the first game I tend to beast with the last boss “Queen Memory” While I gotten a custom to using others I noticed my best chars was always bosses and ex. chars.

Mikoto….I think the main reason I love to use her…She feels almost like Meirin from the Sega Saturn Version….I say that because there are two cats and the little one’s name is Meirin in part 2.

Her charge attack hones in on things and she has raccoons that bounce on the bottom and rise up to the player.

Also when you beat the game with her, She gets turned into a Mahou-Shoujo

AHAHAHAHAHA! Meivous is always getting owned for his doings

Well he kind of gets a bit of a 2nd chance by doing some nice things but he is often the but of many jokes even getting zapped by lighting for no reason in the Sega Saturn version when Merirn goes to make a wish but her Panda makes a wish that those who do right are hit with holy justice

Yup…Like I said…He got it too.
He is always going to be the games punching bag.


Well at the end of the game….I can play them and I still have fun and with Steam or Winkawak’s Kaillera I have others I can play this game with online so its not just some little thing I flood my channel with videos with and everyone watches and stares and blinks.

Online can really keep a game alive

This was from a battle using the STEAM version


There will be more over time.

One other thing I can speak of is…Touhou

There have been many Touhou games that play like TSS before the Windows PC version but when the series reached 09 we got this


The thing about this game is…Its more of a vs shooter and less of a puzzle shooter.
While many elements are there and more charge attacks and both sides can lose to getting hit by enemies not just attacks unlike Tss where other players items or death will end the fight.

You can send random moving bullets on the other players side if you do the same chain explosion method in TSS.

Also you can send attacks by shooting souls instead of reversing a blinking attack.

These games are nice but don’t have that same feel as TSS but I like it…I wish I can get the online working…Half of these Touhou games with online none steam versions I can get to work online.


I wonder if Zun will ever create a new one…..Well….If there are not any I know of being made or any doujins…..I gotta do it myself.


Thankfully I tired…..


Years ago I tried to make my own TSS style game but that was a failure and I have not gotten the swing of scrolling backgrounds.

Ah yes…When I was big on what is now called “Circle tool madness”

One thing I can say is…I never gave that up and now I got a puzzle shooter in the works.

Taking elements of other games I made such as “Candy Pop Shot”

“Fairy Angel Bubbles”

While this game project is over I did learn how to fix the scrolling effect.


Drawing out some concept art to get the idea of the chars.

Some of these I am going to change and I may add some more but I don’t wanna shoot myself in the foot.

A puzzle shooter that is a bit more like Luxor/Zuma in a vs style is something I do play to make…Tss inspired me.