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Updates on my game projects

This blog has been kind of dead so  I might as well update it.

Here is what I am doing.

1-Day Dream Pop Arcade is now a stand alone game and is now done.

I may or may not make a bigger version.

2 – I took down Wake up Quest 2 off of GameJolt…I am not going to make it a sub game to play while waiting on Wake up Quest 2….Soooo the game will still be made but will exist as a stand alone game and I will later give it a game page of its own.

3- I keep building up a game I have yet to really get into called “Acorn Wars”
I may just quit the Acorn Wars Training Program game and just jump to Acorn Wars.

Sooooooooo I am closing some games and will reduce numbers and even start over on some things.
I am also having some debate with making an RPGmaker game due to a recent outbreak of misspells and Grammar errors….I need to fix that.

4 – I gotten back into making animations and now I stop going for comic styles and lazy art but I still uploaded the first episode of Fairy Wars Sparkle….the 3rd time now….But I am finally kicking off Fairy Wars Sparkle

Next ones will be animated….There is an animated battle in this and uploaded as a stand alone.

5- I finished this but I am going to upload this years Valentines day cartoon


6-I recently hit level 235 on MapleStory…I still kind of play but GREATLY slowed down but maybe things will pick up during the Ark update for GMS.


Sooo that’s about it, I was going to make 6 games…But now some games will be the main game but some I was working on will be stand alone games.
Some was going to be pay to play but I may just drop that for some of them.