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Secret of Mana the finale

Buckle up bucker-roo’s, Its time for some story!

Soooo back to the flying fortress we goooo~

So on our way we started to level up and stuff and things was going good and we was saving our MP…..And Yume was spamming MP Drain.

We reach the boss “Thantos” and Luna finds her one and only Dyluck.

WELL THAT SUCKS….Also I tried using Lucent beam but it was better to spam Thunderbolt but his body got taken.

Dyluck is dead….Yume said its made of Mana and with Mana fading….Let’s go….wait I can’t save….I can’t go back out…..
ITS DO OR DIE TIME (Also I am not using emulation save states….I’m doing this pure)

The choice has been made….Time to fight the Mana beast!

Even without leveling these spells I made it work….
Soooo You gotta make the 2 casters use a new Mana power on the sword and attack the boss but re cast….
There’s a phase where the Mana Beast flies back and I cast Lucid B. to shield the attack….Flying to the side hits us but when the boss hovers down to attack you can hit the gut.

I also started using Lunar Boost and Lunar Might to increase our damage.
Over all we beat the boss.

Ugh they still called “Popoi the sprite HE”…..Gotta deal with translations but Popoi (Yume in my run) is Genderless but Yume is turning back into Mana energy…..poor thing….The other Mana beast turned into snow.

And after that….Back to where it all began….

Yume was blinking and clear…Screenshot missed it but got a shadow….But after vanishing for good….Yume can be seen in the tree looking up.

And so….My quest is over….
I am so happy I beat this game.
I will get the port of legend of Mana since my PS2 can’t play my PS1 games anymore and its coming to switch with updates so I’ll start a new one day but before I even tackle Secret of Mana 3…

Final Fantasy Adventure!

I can’t wait for this blast from the past….The music alone is making me want to play this again.

When I do play Mana 3 I am going to make my party leader

My team is going to look like this

But the smol in the front but I do like Riza the warrior after playing the Switch demo to Trails of Mana.

Oh I found this.

I am sooooooooooooooooooo hype for more Mana but one step at a time!

Thank you for viewing