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MapleStory 2 Beta late blog

Since the beta is about to go into Beta 2 I should speak out about what I did lately in the 1st beta.

Omg I love this picture….That boy’s feet are HUGE!

So like Maple 1 I am starting off as a healer.

I got lucky and snagged the name PrincessLuna ahahaha nice!

Customizing the avatar is amazing and you can do a LOT!
Looking at my alter-ego I was able to do the double eye color and while there was no moon I put a gold heart on the forehead and would later put a pencil in her mouth to block her constant sad mouth.

Now I will say that the gameplay and feel is nothing like I was expecting, I played a few other MMORPG’s and saw videos of many MMORPG’s and this game kind of have that feel of many of those kind of games and feels a bit like it lost some of its identity but thats a small thing to say.

The isometric (With the ability to zoom in) chibi platform style is something that makes me smile and love it so much, It feels fun to climb on walls, Jump on platforms and even fly with flying mounts to high points.

Well one thing that is a bit annoying is…I can’t move the camera half the time and can be jumping around blocks…You can see it at the start at this video

I also love how you start to talk depending on your class and each class both male and female has a tone to their voice and style.
My buddy used the Wizard and her personality was very spunky and happy while mines is mostly kind of sad and hopeful….Wait….PERFECT EXAMPLE!

Wizard is Amy Rose

Priest is Tikal

Also Angel wings and a summon is an epic win for me!

MP recovers over time and you have a stamina meter and this game has a LOT of crazy cool downs…I think that is one thing that kind of urks me about this game over Maple 1.


Swimming is a cute thing you can do and like in a Kirby game when you enter water you have a cute little innertube on and it is sooo cute!
I have noticed a Reddit post and a fan on Deviantart asked can you dive in the game.
There are some hidden paths that lead you underwater but you can’t jump and its like being in a tunnel. I think diving would make for a way to hide some content and paths and even some secrets.

You can turn this option on and off but your class for both male and female have a picture that comes up when you are talking story wise, I guess some don’t want this on for more of a role playing feel

Heh the skin color don’t bug me,
When I first made my Angelic Buster I had an AB with pale skin and I still see that promo art AB whenever I use Sparkle burst, Skin color is never an issue if not optional

Like Maple 1 you may noticed your avatar when idle will swing their arms and hips left and right,
Many npc’s and players in this game are always doing types of little body movements and the body lang. is well done in this game for story elements.

Speaking of story, I stopped grinding and just followed the story set out for me after the intro story and while this provided me with tons of items and levels and skill points and needed stuff.
If you take time to do mini games and break away a few times, Doing the story is the fastest way to level up to 50…99 is the future max level like in Korea.

In the story like Maple 1, You can often take the role of other people or ride something that change the entire game.

Here I played a flash back and was able to control a char and use his skills

Heck I was in a giant robot going god mode on monsters that ended with a Kaiju battle

The story is very deep and even I felt it can some times feel like its going way off topic but you are in for one heck of a ride if you play the story.

There are a lot of things still left un-done even after the last story after reaching level 50.
I have places I can explore, World bosses to fight, Mini games I have yet to show off.

I even gotten a custom to making my house



You can get exp and rewards for so much stuff form being creative and playing music to making and posting art.

The music alone is amazing, Some of the remixes are just….Heavenly

Also pressing the emote faces like in Maple 1 allows you to say things and do some funny faces.

You may have noticed my outfit went from Red to pink….Well…You can dye gear you are wearing.

You can unlock more dye colors as you do things and there is a LOT to do, Even for a game that is more casual and easy on the players…You can be VERY busy with this game.

While I am more rooted to Maple 1, I love Maple 2 as a cute little side project and as long as I am needed I’ll still be there.

I know I am jumping over a lot of stuff…I would just end up rambling and going in circles.

I made an entire playlist with content even some “MEGA VIDEOS” These are hours long of content and I am not talking “Fit the screen, Fuse all clips, save as one, upload” No…..I don’t do that.
I made sure to cut out all the load times when changing the maps and even do some clever cuts and put text comments even on a 5HOUR video….But there are MANY smaller videos.

I think these can do more justice then my loopy rambling

Once the Beta 2 is open I’ll do more videos such as

1-Mini games

2-Show off more slow walking and crawling

3-Try to fight some world bosses

There could be more.

Also this version of PrincessLuna has been added to my Youtube collection of JatoGirls

Now I have more of a reason to make this one Maple animation based on the anime Slayers.

I also made a PrincessLuna SkyRealm version with a hybrid of my Illium and Maple 2 avatar

While that one was a last second add to the main series I am working on, I came up with a clever idea to have her started to be very powerful but hate fighting so she won’t join the crew in my pending series “Fairy Wars Sparkle” I also for no reason gave her a southern accent.

Also a lot of the times in Maple 2 I can be found riding on a Jr.Boogie mount.


Thank you for checking this blog out.

Nexon…Love the game, I broken my rule of playing more then 1 mainline MMORPG so now I will play both.

I do have an account on another MMORPG I play on my phone and sometimes on facebook but that is nothing on this level.

I used to play MMOG’s like TalesRunner…..haaaaaa……why……

I await the future of Maple 2