Overclocked a Steam game I tried

Soooo I saw this game was in my lib. for a while and I finally got to try it.

So the game is a very simple run and jump lock on punch game.
Gives me floaty megaman X vibes but no ground dash and you hold punch to multi direction dash punch and still wall kicks

Tons of one hit deaths that have you falling out your armor like in Super Metroid when your armor breaks….Also I beat the level and my armor blew up but it was part of the story.

We get a backstory about how Amber the protag was feeling useless but when the plot happens and they get super suits, Now the fun begins.

This is where I stopped for now but its overall a nice game for a mix of replay value and that fun you get when you play games with wall kicks and full control that makes you feel like you are the one doing it.

I like it and will be playing on the side, You can see above when I finished the 1st level I tried again and again until I got the best time.

Steam page: